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TOTT 29 March 2018

22 Talk of the Town

22 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook March 29, 2018 HIGH AIM: Border’s Lorna Grotjohn, above, from East London and partner Kim O’Lear y were 5-1 up at the Kenton Veterans Tennis Tournament, but in the end, EP’s Pri Bladen and Stelene Serfontein dominated, winning 8-5 in the second-division match Pictures: LOUISE KNOWLES EP trounces Border tennis veterans Men’s A-division bounces back THE first-ever Veterans Tennis Tournament between Border and Eastern Province which was held at the Kenton Tennis Club on Saturday, was a walkover for EP. “Liking clubbing baby seals,” EP captain Cristel Vosloo from Jeffreys Bay said. The EP team took the floating trophy after winning 505 games to 297 against Border. It was a different story in the men’s A-division which Border won 119 to 98. Border captain Jeremy Blake and partner Ryan Armstrong defeated EP’s No1 p l ay e r Roger “Mer v” Ser fontein and his partner Theo Smith. Blake and Armstrong were up 7-5 and also won the tiebreaker 7-6. “Every game counts as the team with the biggest number of winning games at the end of the day is the w i n n e r, ” said Blake. Vosloo and Blake organised the Veterans Tennis Tournament while Kenton Tennis Club’s Derek Moll organised the catering. “The hospitality and catering at Kenton Tennis Club is outstanding,” said Blake. Kenton Tennis Club players Tian Pienaar and Tjaart Coetzee (of Port Alfred) were roped in for the Border team and Alke Bradfield (of 28 Main Street - Tel: 046 624 1125 Email: Grahamstown) played for EP. The costs of playing in the team, accommodation in local rental houses and travel were borne by the tennis players. Kenton Tennis Club also benefited from the proceeds of the bar. “There is a perception that we are elitist, but there is no segregation. Anyone can belong to the veterans,” said Blake. NET RESULT: Despite EP’s overall win, Ryan Armstrong, above, and captain Jeremy Blake were among the Border players who prevailed in the A-division at the Kenton Veterans Tournament at Kenton Tennis Club on Saturday 4 Kenton Bowling Club THERE was not much formal bowling action in this past week. Our project to speed the completion up our Club Championship matches seems to bear fruit. Six matches were completed during the week (which is a record!) and we are well on our way to announce our Club Champions before the annual prize-giving. The third round of the much postponed (due to rain) Club League was played last Thursday. Bill Bedford’s team recorded their first win of the season by beating Dave We st ’s team 22-19. Brian Aldag’s and his team mates were the better of Rob Croly’s team by 26-12. Our greens were quiet on Saturday. Attendance was impacted negatively as 12 of our members participated in the weekend’s first rounds of the Eastern Areas (EA) mixed pairs competition held at the Albany club. Although we had the most entries, none of our teams were able to advance to the next rounds. Friday’s attendance draw was forfeited by Julian Southey and the jackpot increases to R800 on Friday April 6. There will be no draw on March 30 as the club is closed for Good Friday. There will be social bowls on Monday (Family Day) on April 2. Whites are optional. Our club has received eight applications for new membership. Although some of them are for social membership, more than half the applicants have indicated that they wish to take up bowling more seriously. This is a very positive phenomenon and is the first reversal in our membership in the past five years. We encourage all our members to actively recruit new members. Port Alfred Bowling and Croquet Club Apologies for no bowls report last week… this was caused by internet and e-mail gremlins! The Personal Trust competition, played on Tuesday March 13, was won by Ron Orford, Sue Purdon, Allen Thompson and Garnett Westley with 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes being won by John Bennett, Lynda Schoning and David Freeme with their teams. The Ocean Basket competition, played on Tuesday March 20, was won by Trevor Frost, Emil Jurgenson and Daphne Wilson. Congratulations to Eddie Senar on winning the Men’s Senior Singles. The runner-up was John Hodges – well done all. The second round of the Vroom and Timm Cup was played at Kowie with our ladies winning both of their games and the men winning two and losing two games. The EA Mixed Pairs were played in Grahamstown at the Albany Bowling Club over the weekend. The Port Alfred Section winners were David Freeme and Jane Armitage, Ron Orford and Wendy ROUNDS four and five of the Pick n Pay Night Bowls Competition were played last Friday in fine weather, with only a light dew for the night. Round four was completed by 7.30pm and the next round started at 7.45pm. After the bowls, the Lions Club sold most of the food they had made for the night, which increased their coffers for their PA School swimming pool project. Prize-giving then took place. First was the swindle draw and Allan from Pick n Pay won the bottle of Wild Africa Cream. Next was the rollover competition for round four. The score drawn for the four ends was “4” and five teams had this score so it rolls over to the next round. Then was the rollover for round five and the score drawn was again “4” for the ends. There were again five teams with the score so it becomes another roll over. The roll over pool has now grown to R180. The Performer of the Night prize for Round four went to BOWLSBANTER ... what’s happening Pfotenhauer, Michael Benedito and Adele Wood, and Hein Strombeck and Garnett Westley. The finals will be played on Saturday April 7 at Port Alfred Bowling Club. Well done to Anton Strombeck, John Bennett, Sylvia Prevost and Peter Wansell on coming second in the Albany GBS Tournament played on Saturday March 17. Duties for the week, April 3 to 7: Tabs – Rosemary Wood and Mike Pfotenhauer, Bar – Martin Leonard and Mike Pfotenhauer, Ironing – Dave Lang. Kowie Bowling Club We were very shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden death of Keith Kolesky this week. Our thoughts are with Lynn and her family and Edith Blackbeard, Lynn’s mother. In his short time with us Keith proved to be a very popular member of Kowie both on and off the green. He will be sorely missed by everyone. The player’s grades have been reviewed and noted on the reverse side of their tabs. Since September 2016 all the results of the Tabs-in games have been recorded with each player being credited (or debited) with the result of the game he played in. The players have since then been assessed on the basis of their results and allocated into groups with their peers. There are 12 groups with groups 1-3 being those who would normally play lead while groups 10-12 would normally play skip. Remember that the player is only being judged on his performance in a team, eg, pairs, trips, or fours and his contribution to the welfare of the team is also a consideration. Actual playing ability is not the only criteria, eg, we could have three players with the same playing ability of say 7. One of them would be compatible, motivational, supportive, and contribute positively to the “gees” of the team. This player would justify an additional grade to 8. The second player could be neutral and only justify a 7. The third player would tend to criticise the other players argue with the skip about his calls and generally have a negative influence on the team. His attitude could easily inspire their opponents to play better. This player’s grading could easily be 6. Apart from the personal traits of the player there can be variations of form. Theoretically, if a player’s form is equivalent to the group he is in then his side should win as many matches as it loses, giving the player a score of 100% and he would stay in the same group. If he is going through a thin time his contribution to Leach Pharmacy (from Section B) for their 6 /+6 win over BUCO, with PA High school as the runner-up in this round. There were no 6 pointers in the A Section. In Round five, the performer prize went to Happy Veg in Section A for their 6/+11 win over the Round Table team. There were two other teams on 6 points for the night and the runner-up was Tr e l l i d o r. The next round of the competition will take place on Friday April 13 due to the Easter weekend and club the team’s fortunes would be a negative and his own performance level would be below 80%. He would best serve the system if he was allocated to a lower group until he regains his form. In the same way a player playing above himself and consistently having a positive influence on his team’s fortunes will score more than 120% and should be placed in a higher group commensurate with his new-found ability Our system will only succeed while all the players in a group are playing at the same level any maverick must be identified and moved to another group as soon as possible. Playing in perfect weather we had another full house for the Tuesday Mega-bucks last week. The people doing the draw are smiling again because the majority of the games were closely fought. The odd men out were Peter Stegman, Rob Walker, Lester Scriven, and Ronelle Roome who went home with the spoils. On Thursday we hosted our friends from across the road for our Timm Cup fixture. The men shared the spoils with two wins each while the Port Alfred ladies proved too good and won both games. The “oorskiets” played on C green and Jonty Alexander, Lennie Clark, and Pat Joseph were triumphant. Saturday left the “d r aw e r s ’” smiling again when four games were won by one shot only. Mike Tomlinson, Bryan Burger and Jill Reed upset the apple cart with a big win. Three trams from Kowie competed in the EA Mixed Pairs with Jackie Kriel and Michael van der Sandt winning their section and qualifying for the next round – well done. Duties for next week are not available yet. CROQUET CORNER ROGER and Sue Darkes left last Thursday for a well-deserved holiday. Since taking up the reins after the last AGM, they have put in a lot of very hard work. Talking of hard work, Peter Wansell deserves a special mention. He has put in a lot of valuable work on the croquet greens. Last Saturday saw 16 players on the greens playing some very agreeable croquet. Hopefully, this level of attendance will be repeated. Lastly, birthday greetings go to Sandy for April 6. Pick n Pay Night Bowls rolled off well commitments taking place. The top positions in each section are listed below with two more round robin matches to take place before the finals due for Friday April 27, weather permitting. Section A 1Trellidor 21 points /20 shot p r of 2DP Engineering 19/20 3Happy Veg 18/13 Section B 1PA High School 23/14 2Pig and Whistle 21/40 3Leach Pharmacy 21 /11 4Kenny’s Sports Bar 20/18

March 29, 2018 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook Talk of the Town 23 QUITE a few Kowie Striders took a drive to Bedford this past weekend to compete in their local trail run. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Well done to Richard Legg and Rick Betts and their families, Pauline and Alex Weed and the Nelson family. Young Rebecca was the star again. Lulu Mceka ran the Mercedes-Benz 15km road race in East London and is getting better all the time. Maybe it is the Sunday club runs that are helping. Good luck to Marianne Stiglingh for the Two Oceans Marathon this weekend. We are hoping to see a sub six-hour time ... no pressure. Husband Sticks is doing the 21km. Hope you get a podium finish in your age group. The time trial on April 17 will be something different. No watches to be worn. Predict your Wednesday March 21: Pick n Pay 4 Ball Alliance, with 107 players. Results: 1st: Andrew Meyer, Don Broedelet, Marius Lombard, Michael Sap – 88 2nd: Les Wasdell, John Tavendale, Ross Wright, Alan Corrans – 87 3rd: Jamie Bessenger, Andrew Burger, Juan Pretorius, Brad Labuschagne – 87 4th: Ockie Pieterse, Louis Pieterse, Leon Nell, Andries Small – 86 Two clubs: 6th: A Sap, S Dorrington 8th: I Moncur 13th: D Sinclair Best gross: 72 – Ian Moncur Best nett: 69 – Ian Moncur, Arnie Schultz Nearest the pins: Debonairs Pizza – 6th: Barry Scarterfield Kowie River Cruises – 8th: Ockie Pieterse The Wharf Street Brew Pub – 11th: Norman Smith Thymes 2 Catering – 13th: Andrew Meyer Wimpy longest drive - #14th: Harold Horne Kingsley Beverages - Nearest the pin for two on the first: Jamie Bessenger Saturday March 24: John Burnett Brokers Betterball Stableford, with 83 p l ay e r s . Results: 1st: Norman Smith, Hugh Wormald – 45 2nd: Andrew Meyer, Kevin Lee – 45 3rd: Rob Hoar, Andy Barnes – 45 4th: Arnie Schultz, Steve Gardner – 44 Two clubs: 8th: R Turner 12th: R Bryant 13th: W Chemaly Best gross: 70 – Meekah de Sousa Best nett: 67 – Kevin Lee Nearest the pins: Mooifontein Quarry – 12th: Hugh Wormald Auto Smart Body Shop – 14th: Zola Mgudwa Sibuya Game Reserve – 7th: Dave Painting The Wharf Street Brew Pub – 9th: Arnie Schultz Wimpy longest drive – #18th: Tom Wagner Royal St Andrews – KOWIESTRIDERS ... runners with pride time before the run. Fun prizes for those who run closest to their prediction. Join us for snacks afterwards. It’s getting cooler and darker so look after yourself after your r u n / wa l k . Time trial: March 20 3km Walk 1 Dinky Davenport 23:31 2 Dudley Emslie 28:44 3 Graham Oliver 38:40 3km Run 1 Mpho Nxabaze 12:56 2 Rebecca Nelson 13:01 3 Lubabalo Sali 14:40 4 Ayabonga Ndongue 15:10 5 Emily Lessing 18:35 6 Pauline Weed 25:09 GOLFW E E K LY ... the results Nearest the pin for two on the first: Ian Moncur 1820s GOLF Monday March 19: 30 players in windy conditions. Winners on 41: Lawton Amos, Ted Baines, Nic van der Merwe, Ernie Allen. Moosehead on 47: John Lardner-Burke, Stan Weyer, Mick Parker, Cecil Jones-Phillipson. Good scores: None. Two clubs: 13th Ray Hicks. Thursday March 22: A total of 22 players in perfect conditions. Winners on 40: Peter Rinaldi, Ted Baines, Albert Whitfield, Dudley Kieser. Moosehead on 47: Don Howarth, Wollie Wolmarans, Eugene Erasmus, Cecil Jones-Phillipson. Good scores: 49 – Dallas Cowie, 48 – Peter Rinaldi, 46 – Albert Whitfield, 45 – Lawton Amos. Two clubs: 6th Lawton Amos L ADIES’ R E S U LTS March 20: Utopian conditions for golf ushered 31 players to the RPAGC on Tuesday afternoon to play a 3-ball Stableford alliance on a “Waltzing Matilda” basis where just one shot counted on the 1st, two shots on the 2nd and three on the 3rd, then repeating this order throughout all 18 holes (ie, one on the fourth, two on the fifth and three on the sixth etc.). Lindy Wright and Wendy Counihan pivoted with two covies to make up 3-balls and, with Lindy having the best round of her life shooting a nett 63, claimed both first place (with Sue Kennedy on 78 points) and second place (with Jude Lello on 77 points). Pogs Smith, Launa Kirk and Heather van Harmelen came third (75 points) counting out Shirley Heny, Bridget McNellis and Margie Reid en route. There were no two-clubs holed during the afternoon. Trish Barwick’s drive was closest to the pin on Top Carpet’s sixth, Glynnis Renecle’s on Rosehill Driving Range’s 8th and Sue Kennedy’s on Wimpy's 11th. Mo Marsay was “closest-for two” on River Spa’s 13th. The longest drive competitions were held on the 15th and driven by Shirley and Ellen Fischer in the low and high handicap section’s r e s p e c t i v e l y. The competition on April 3 will be the Monthly Medal sponsored by Pick n Pay. FRESH STOP PORT ALFRED MIXED March 24: It was a pleasantly cool day for golf although the westerlies were strong enough to become an issue with club selection. The field of 27 players was drawn into six mixed four-balls and one mixed three-ball to play the usual two-to-count Stableford Alliance. Margie Reid, June Bearzi, Fanie Smit and Guy Cash were in a league of their own as they carded a winning 94 points. In fact second placed Lynette Harbrecht, Terry Harris, Yvonne and Rick Hill were all of five points off the pace on 89. It was a more difficult morning for Lynn West, Barrie Brady, Di and John Lardner-Burke as they battled to card just 77 points. The sponsor’s traditional resuscitation drinks were on hand for them, however, to brighten up their day. There were no two-clubs. Pogs Smith’s drive was closest to the pin on the eighth to claim the bottle of wine courtesy of Fresh Stop. June celebrated her 7 Yolande Ndagise 25:35 8 Zanethe Dayakado 25:35 9 Kaylem Simes 35:03 10 Madison Wood 36:59 5km Walk 1 Annamarie Hockley 38:02 2 Rene Philpott 43:05 3 Billy Futter 54:39 4 Melody Greef 54:39 4km Walk/Run 1 Kelly Legg 32:38 2 Gill Legg 32:38 5km Run 1 Lethemba Kekana 20:35 2 Ayabonga Saul 20:35 3 Sticks Stiglingh 20:39 4 Mike Nelson 22:38 5 Andrew Philpott 24:01 6 Kevin Lee 24:28 7 Alan Robb 25:47 return to PAM golf by netting a superb 66. Other good nett scores were carded by Lynette (67) and Bryan Robinson (69). KGB RESULTS Tuesday March 20: Weather conditions were tailor made for golf on Tuesday morning and 43 players answered the call to play the usual two-to-count Stableford alliance drawn into one three-ball and 10 four-balls. The recent good rains have stimulated growth throughout the course turning it into a verdant green and lengthening it c o n s i d e r a b l y. Yet 90 points were carded by Heinz Czepluch, John Ralph, Terry Harris and Jimmy van Rensburg to win the competition, largely due to some gratuitous and fortunate dovetailing. Bryan Robinson, Steve Kennedy, Andy Stembridge and Martin Lambrechts were just one off the pace on 89. Finding conditions not to their liking were Hamer en Sukkel recipients Richard Farndell, Bernie van Loggenberg, Dale Wisener and Ray Hicks who only managed to card 77 points and thus be lumbered with the dreaded Hamer en Sukkel trophy at the 19th hole. Steve Kennedy, Bernie van Loggenberg and Andy Manson all managed to to make birdie on the par three 8th, but Heinz's long putt on the stroke seven 13th won the two-club kitty for his covey. The best individual performances of the morning were shot by Andy Stembridge and Bernie who both netted fine 69s. Friday March 23: St rong easterly winds presented a challenge to the 41 players who turned out on Friday morning to play the 8 John Smith 25:47 9 Lungisani Mtsatshe 26:01 10 Chris Roberts 27:03 11 Mia Donald 27:28 12 Gregory Van Mastrigt 27:31 13 Gerald Greef 30:47 14 Sam Roberts 31:47 15 Lulu Mceka 32:31 16 Sharon Dacombe 34:18 17 Dianne Emslie 35:28 18 Clair Wood 35:52 8km Run 1 Wandle Funde 31:00 2 Richard Legg 35:52 3 Rick Betts 35:58 4 Alex Weed 43:10 5 Marianne Stiglingh 43:47 6 Leah Shanks 45:02 7 Ian Robinson 45:11 8 Dave Sansbury 45:11 usual two-to-count Stableford alliance in three three-balls and eight fo u r - b a l l s . Tom Tagg, Andy Stembridge, Sheena and Andy Warren carded 91 points to win the competition. Andries Pienaar, David Groenewald, Liz Mangham and Derick van Harmelen came home second with 87. A more difficult day it turned out to be for Andy Manson, Russell Warren, Roger Kidson and Rusty Hallam who could only manage to card 74 points, insufficient to avoid sharing the 19th hole with the infamous Hamer en S u k ke l . Paul Fryer holed the only two-club of the morning (11th) and the best nett scores were shot by Cecil Grobler and Andy Stembridge, both with 69. Provincial pride rests with local disabled athlete UPCOMING PARALYMPIAN: Local runner Lungisani Mtsatse is in Bloemfontein at the Nedbank National Championships for Physically Disabled and Visually Impaired Athletes, and is planning to come home with medals as well as a qualification at the 2020 Paralympics ROB KNOWLES AFAMILIAR figure, local differently-abled runner Lungisani Mtsatse has won many medals and was, once again, chosen to represent the Eastern Cape at an athletics meet in Bloemfontein that began yesterday and ends on April 3. The athletics meeting, the 2018 Nedbank National Championships for Physically Disabled and Visually Impaired Athletes, is organised by South Africa Sports Association for the Physically Disabled whose objective is to develop and promote the sporting codes offered at Paralympic level for athletes with physical disabilities, visual impairment and blindness. This year, and for the second time, Mtsatse will be competing in the 800m and 400m events. “I hope to come back with medals as well as a South African Paralympic qualifying time,” Mtsatse said. “I want to make the whole of Port Alfred and Ndlambe proud.” Mtsatse said he runs to inspire people, which he certainly does as any member of his running club, The Kowie Striders, will attest. Even local runner and fellow TotT journalist, Louise Knowles, said she was shocked to discover that Mtsatse was disabled. “I ran with him on the latest parkrun and, aside from his noticeably-different style of running, I didn’t realise he was disabled. He was running faster than most of the able-bodied athletes,” she said. Trips like this cost money, and Mtsatse has been assisted to attend such meetings in the past. “I would be very appreciative of people’s assistance in any way,” he said. KENTONRUNNERS ... runners with pride Time Trial: March 22 3.5km 1. Colleen Crossland 29:16 2. Sindi Dili 30:33 3. Zinthle Mbimbi 30:34 4. Lincebo Nkohla 31:58 5. Jenny Adair 32:25 5km 1. Jared Penny 29:37 2. Damian Tsikos 31:21 3. Joy Stevens 32:28 4. Lynn West 33:16 5. Yvonne Tsikos 3 3 : 51 6. Nosipho Vasi 34:46 7. Nathan Scholtz 3 5 : 51 8. Kayla Scholtz 35:51 9. Vuyolwethu Same 35:52 10. Olwethu Ncamiso 41 : 4 9 11. Paula Scholtz 42:25 8km 1. Siphelele Funda 37 : 3 8 2. Colleen Bedford 54:44

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