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GEA Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2018

​ Hoof

​ Hoof and Claw Care ​ Technobase 8000 Universal Resins for Veterinary Medicine Technobase is a modern claw treatment to immobilise injured or diseased claws! Furthermore it covers a wide range of possible uses in the field of veterinary medicine. • fast processing: models immediately after mixing. This means that it immediately allows modelling by hand, which makes application a lot easier. Technobase 8000 cures completely at a product temperature of 20 °C in less than 4 minutes! • highly adhesive: Technobase has excellent adhesive properties! Therefore you can be sure that the diseased claw will be perfectly spared until the wood block has worn off. • models without becoming sticky: during the modelling phase Technobase processes perfectly without annoyingly sticking to the user‘s hands. The dough remains flexible and can be shaped and processed until polymerisation. • low temperature at the end of polymerisation: the chemical reaction of mixing powder and liquid results in excessive heat. These high temperatures often damage the tissue and hurt the animal. Technobase has been improved in this regard too! Therefore extra-cutaneous splinting can be performed safely and without affecting the tissue. ref. no. description ​ ​ € 16251 Set for 14 applications 1 96 ​ 16259 Set for 4 applications 1 216 ​ 16257 Liquid 500 ml 1 144 ​ 16258 Powder 1000 g 1/70 140 ​ 16231 Wooden spatula 1/100 - ​ Recommended by professional hoof carers! ​ Wooden Block Wedge Shape ​ • wedge-shaped block in normal and large sizes • recommended for low heel height to increase the ball area • also suitable for „normal“ hooves on highly abrasion-resistant floors (such as concrete) ref. no. description length ​ € 16132 Wooden blocks wedge shape, size normal 112 mm 1/50 ​ 16133 Wooden blocks wedge shape, size XL 130 mm 1/50 ​ Recommended by professionals! ​ Wooden Block, flat ​ • extra flat design (50% lower in height than a standard block) for uses requiring early loading of the injured hoof • prevention of any tendon problems that may occur if the block is worn for an extended period • mainly used for low-wear rubber flooring instead of standard blocks • developed in line with the latest hoof care theory with hoof care specialists ref. no. length ​ € 16134 112 mm 1/50 ​ Wooden Block Standard ​ ​ ref. no. description length ​ € 16105 Wooden block XL, single 130 mm 1/50 ​ 16105/10 Wooden block XL, 10 pcs/pack 130 mm 1/50 ​ 16104 Wooden block, single 112 mm 1/100 ​ 16104/10 Wooden block, 10 pcs/pack 112 mm 1/100 ​ 16104/2 Wooden blocks, 2 pieces/pack 112 mm 1 ​ 100

Hoof and Claw Care Technovit-2-Bond The fast, 2-part PU adhesive for hoof treatment! Technovit-2-Bond is a quick-drying, two-part adhesive for treating hooves. Just a small amount of adhesive is all that‘s needed to glue wood or rubber blocks to healthy hooves in seconds in order to take the strain off diseased or damaged ones and therefore accelerate healing. The benefits at a glance: • dries within 30 seconds • bonds powerfully and permanently to wood and rubber blocks • easy to use - no mixing, no waste • odourless and safe to use, even in confined spaces The handy Technovit-2-Bond sets are available with or without dispensing guns and include the accessories for around 10 applications (depending on the size of the hoof and the operator‘s skill). professional starter set with XL wooden blocks Sets include: 16239 16240 1 x 160 ml cartridge with 2-part adhesive • • 10 x mixing tips • • 10 x wooden blocks XL • • 1 x dispensing gun • – „easy to open“ Here‘s how simple it is to use: Remove the seal on the cartridge and connect up the mixing tip. Eject a small amount of adhesive. This must be done so that the two components mix as effectively as possible. Now apply a bead of adhesive onto the block. Place the block quickly onto the pre-prepared, clean and dry, healthy hoof. After around 30 seconds, the adhesive will have set, and after around 2-3 minutes, the hoof can weight-bear again. ref. no. description ​ ​ € 16239 Technovit-2-Bond starter set incl. dispensing gun for 10 applications 1 48 ​ 16240 Technovit-2-Bond set for 10 applications (no dispensing gun) 1 114 ​ 16241 Technovit-2-Bond cartridge, 160 ml 1/10 1,200 ​ 16242 Dispensing gun 1/10 250 ​ 16243 Mixing tips, 10 x 1/10/240 2,880 ​ GEA 101