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GEA Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2018


Stable and Yard Lighting LED Stable Light MultiLED LED light for lighting stables, riding halls, industrial buildings and warehouses, etc. • ideal for high-ceiling structures and a 1-row arrangement • 3 individually adjustable modules (each with a 110° beam angle) for an extremely wide beam • incl. dimming function (can be controlled via a 1 - 10 V, PWM or resistance signal) • with energy efficient SMD chips from Philips • excellent light yield • high colour temperature for fatigue-free visibility • protected against powerful water jets and dust-proof (IP 65 protection class) • with D marking according to DIN EN 60598-2-24, therefore suitable for areas at risk of fires due to combustible dusts or fibres (hay storage, feed, bedding, etc.) • direct or hanging ceiling installation with adjustable mounting brackets or eyelets • 1 m connecting cable incl. Euro plug • special heat sink shape for optimised heat dissipation 5-year warranty technical data ​ Output: 150 W Luminous flux of the light: 18,000 lumen Luminous efficacy: 120 lm/W Dimming function: 1 - 10 V, 10 V PWM, 0-100 kΩ resistance Beam angle per module: 110° Chip service life (L70): > 50,000 Input voltage: 85 - 265 V / 50 - 60 Hz Working temperature: -40 °C to +65 °C Colour temperature: 6.500 K Protection class: IP 65 Colour rendering (CRI): Ra > 80 ref. no. description ​ ​ € 34598 MultiLED, 150 W 1/4 32 ​ D Top Quality LED chips from Philips The indoor spotlights comprise built-in LED bulbs. The bulbs in the light cannot be replaced. 160

​ Stable and Yard Lighting Control for LED Lighting ​ This lighting control allows you to switch the artificial stable lighting on or off, on a timer and regardless of existing daylight, or even achieve a constant light level (e.g. min. 200 lux) through automatic dimming. This means it ensures ideal lighting conditions throughout the day and year while minimising electricity consumption. Comfort for animals and humans! • controls lighting dependent on time and/or daylight • four different lighting circuits (groups) can be independently controlled, two of which with a dimming function • suitable for LED lights with 1...10V interface • standard surface-mount housing for mounting in the equipment room • dust and moisture protection (IP54) • maximum switching power of 11kW • suitable e.g. for up to 50 150 watt lights (up to 15 lights on the dimmable circuits 1 and 2, and up to 10 lights on circuits 3 and 4) • supplied with a light sensor (can request up to four light sensors) • input for up to four button signals • easy to use with display and three buttons • easy to install by your electric company • with extensive documentation and terminal description New product technical data ​ supply voltage: 230 / 400 V fusing: 3-pin B16A max. current value per output: 16 A max. total power circuit 3 and 4: 16 A number of circuits: 4 number of dimmable circuits: 2 max. switching capacity: 11 kW dimming function circuit 1 and 2: 1..10 V max. number of light sensors: 4 max. number of button signals: 4 Protection type: IP54 345001 ​ ref. no. description ​ € 345000 Control for LED lighting 1 ​ 345001 Sensor for control 1 ​ GEA 161