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GEA Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 2018


Calving Supplies Pregnancy Test for cows Quick test after 35 days after insemination! The Test enables you to check for pregnancy quickly and easily. It is possible to test for pregnancy at an early stage, i.e. starting approx. 35 days after insemination. Re-checks make it easy to confirm the pregnancy. Using the test, you can test whether or not a cow is pregnant directly in the stable with just one drop of blood. This test detects the hormone in the cow‘s blood, which indicates pregnancy. It is a protein that is formed during pregnancy and increase over the course of pregnancy. The detection of it is much more reliable than the detection of progesterone. Results • the test result appears after a max. of 15 minutes • if a test line and a control line appear on the test cassette, then the cow is pregnant • if only the control line appears, then there is no pregnancy or the PAG concentration is still too low • wait a few days and then re-test the cow • if no pregnancy is again indicated, you can target the cycle of the cow so that the cow can be serviced or inseminated again at the next best possible time ref. no. description ​ € 15845 5 pieces/pack 1/25 ​ ​ HK-Pregnancy Tester for Cattle for cows • no unpleasant surprises like false pregnancies or unnoticed abortions by getting quick, easy and safe gestation information from 90 days after insemination by echo sounding • no need of previous experiences or much time on training • measuring generally takes less than 30 seconds • no need of any rectal penetration unpleasant to the animal and thus no risk • the instrument can be fixed comfortably at the belt leaving both hands free for measuring • robust workmanship in a solid plastic casing ref. no. ​ € 1060 1/10 ​ Estrus Detection Aid for Cattle ​ • to determine the best time for breeding or insemination • the device monitors changes in the characteristics of vaginal discharge during the ovulation cycle by measuring its electrical resistance. The breeder is then able to determine the exact time of ovulation. • it can also be used to confirm an early pregnancy from the 19th to the 23rd day after insemination. • insemination or impregnation at the optimum time during estrus saves precious semen. • reduction of the period of time between giving birth and the next pregnancy Weight: 300 g Power supply: 9 V battery ref. no. ​ € 10250 1/10 ​ We recommend taking a reading once or twice a day over a period of a few consecutive days. Calf Resuscitator ​ • according to Dr. Bron • for calves • pump action helps to aspirate slime from mouth and nose • stimulates the calf’s circulation after particularly difficult calvings ref. no. ​ ​ € 1032 1 50 ​ 20

​ Calving Supplies Lubricating gel VetGel ​ • lubricating gel to make hands and arms slippery and an excellent skin protection during rectal and vaginal examinations • sperm-friendly Top Quality Recommended by veterinarians! ref. no. content ​ ​ € 1027 1000 ml 1/6 378 ​ 10272 5000 ml 1 84 ​ Veterinary Disposable Gloves VETtop with Shoulder Protection ​ • ideal for veterinaries • self-adhesive • 120 cm long • very sensitive • thickness of material 25 micron = 0,025 mm • food safe • standard size • 50 pieces per dispenser box ref. no. ​ ​ € 15376 1/10 360 ​ Veterinary Disposable Gloves VETtop ​ • ideal for veterinaries • tearproof • super sensitive • 90 cm length • thickness of material 28 micron = 0.028 mm • transparent • food safe • unisize • 100 pieces per dispenser box ref. no. ​ ​ € 1536 1/15 360 ​ ​ Disposable Gloves VETbasic ​ • multi-purpose: for farmers, veterinarians but also suitable for use as a refuelling glove • 90 cm length • polyethylene • orange • thickness of material 25 micron = 0,025 mm • food safe • standard size • 100 pieces per dispenser box ref. no. ​ ​ € 15364 1/15 360 ​ GEA 21