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The Rep 23 March 2018

The Rep 23 March

TheRep 1 Tel: (045) 839-4040 Emergency: (A/H) 083-272-0955 ° Editorial: - advertising: THE REPRESENTATIVE 23 March 2018 ILINGE SCIENTIST IS A RISING STAR – PAGE 3 Friday Mar ch 23, 2018 R5.00 (14% VAT incl) Since 1859 All departments: (045) 839-4040; Fax: (045) 839-4059; Editorial e-mail:; Advertising: Splish-splash fun ANC PEC to meet with CCF to prevent legal steps WATER WONDER: After the heavy rain last Sunday, Simtembile Mgidi spotted this youngster having a whale of a time splashing around in the water Xasa recalls ANDISA BONANI THE ANC provincial executive committee (PEC) wants the Concerned Community Forum (CCF) of Komani to hold off its legal proceedings against the Chris Hani District Municipality until a meeting between the two parties to discuss issues of concern in the district has been set. CCF chairman Willie Liebenberg said this during the forum’s monthly meeting at which representatives from various towns in the district were present. “This is a step in the right direction, it means we are being noticed. One of the members in the Komani CCF branch has links in the PEC. He informed them about our plight and how our attempts to meet with the executive of the district municipality have failed. They want to have a meeting with us first to discuss all our issues and asked us to halt the legal route until the meeting has been held.” The CCF wrote two letters in January, one of them being a letter from the forum’s attorney, requesting a meeting with CHDM municipal officials on service delivery issues. Both letters had deadlines and neither received a response, the CCF i n d i c at e d . The second letter, in possession of The Rep, detailed the complaints regarding the incorrect reading of water meters and the municipality not checking whether the meters were in a good condition to allow proper readings.The letter also stated the manner in which calculations were being done was not transparent and the estimation of debt was not in line with the services provided. CCF adviser Tokkie Deysel said the municipality did not have the solutions to the problems they highlighted in the letter, hence they were dodging meetings. “The municipality has the responsibility to participate in public engagements so that they know and understand the grievances of the people they serve. If they are not willing to hear us, how will they fix the problems?” Deysel, commenting on the intention of Eskom to start restricting the power supply to the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality area due to unpaid debt from April and the impact on water pumping as a result, said the four generators which CHDM mayor Kholiswa Vimbayo said were ordered, were not the solution to the problem and that money would be wasted purchasing fuel instead of dealing with the problem. The resolution of the meeting was to write a letter to the PEC where a date of the meeting would be set. If the meeting did not materialise, the CCF would continue with its legal proceedings against CHDM. The ANC PEC could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press. THE Rep’s cover price will increase from R5 to R5.10 effective from April 6. We would like to thank all our advertisers and readers for their continued support. CHDM’s MM Appointment not in line with Municipal Systems Act ANDISA BONANI CHRIS Hani District Municipality (CHDM) municipal manager (MM) Moppo Mene has been recalled from his position by Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) MEC Fikile Xasa due to his appointment not being in line with the Municipal Systems Act. The CHDM appointed its MM by renewing his contract in May last year without the post being advertised. Last week, the district municipality convened a special meeting which was held in the town hall following a communique from the MEC in which he instructed that Mene’s appointment be rescinded. Cogta spokesman M a m n ke l i Ngam indicated to The Rep on the phone that the MEC issued a circular to all 59 municipalities in the province to advise about the new amendment in the Municipal Systems Act. “The Act states that posts like that of an MM had to be advertised nationally. In the circular, the MEC also encouraged municipalities to refrain from renewing contracts. He said if that was done, he would not concur with such an appointment and would take the matter to court to force municipalities to follow the law.” The Rep reported, (“EFF queries CHDM MM, Cogta MEC to look into appointment claims”, December 1 2017) where the MEC responded to a question relating to the illegal appointment of Mene. “The new regulation now states that if there is a vacancy for the MM it must be advertised on a media platform that reaches a wide array of people. Proper processes must be followed to reappoint the MM if they did well in the interviews and other procedures, [and] if not a new one would be appointed. We will follow up on the matter and if the municipality is found guilty, further steps will be taken,” said Xasa. According to the Municipal Systems Amendment Bill section 54 (a) and (b) of Act 32 of 2000, if the post of a municipal manager becomes vacant, the municipality must advertise the post nationally. It must then select from the pool of candidates a suitable person who complies with the prescribed requirements. CHDM mayor Kholiswa Vimbayo confirmed Mene’s recalling in a statement on Tuesday, when she stated that the council had rescinded its resolution to renew the contract of its former MM. “Following correspondence received from Cogta on the matter, council convened a special meeting to rescind its earlier resolution to renew the contract. Council had initially resolved to renew Mene’s contract at its meeting held last year, for a period of five years. Council then allowed me to pursue engagements with the former MM and a report was tabled to the council in August 2017.” Vimbayo indicated that the position of an MM would be advertised as it has now been officially declared vacant and that the municipal strategic manager Bhekisisa Mthembu was acting in the position. The Rep will be on the streets and in stores on Thursday March 29 due to the public holiday on Good Friday March 30, at the onset of the Easter weekend.