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Generate better leads through persona based marketing

Yes, you heard it right. Persona based marketing can help you generate better and more targeted leads. Remember those days where traditional marketing was in trend.

Example This is how

Example This is how Colgate advertises toothpaste for the persons suffering from sensitivity. 4. Shortened sales cycle You can generate better quality leads by utilising personas. Since you know what your personas want, like or don’t like, you can use this information in writing product descriptions. Sending right message provide you with the excellent opportunity to generate better leads. Such leads can be effortlessly converted into sales. Example This is how Colgate explained its target customers how their teeth can be whitened. It included “power of salt and lemon” as a push.

5. Targeted graphics Not only targeted content, but also you can use targeted graphics when your marketing efforts are buyer persona centric. Example Cavity protection toothpaste of Colgate has graphics on its wrapper that attracts kids. 6. Timely modification You can use forums, public groups, community platforms and social media to learn more about different groups of people. And hence, you can keep updating your buyer personas. However, don’t change it too frequently. Otherwise, you would not be able to judge the parameters that worked well or needed improvements. Signing off...! Persona based marketing, since focused on buyer persona and buyer journey, help you creating better leads. Of course, it might take some effort to create proper persona, but it will always have a huge impact on your ability to generate high quality leads. This is because you target your marketing efforts to the people who are looking for product/service providers like you. Always start your marketing efforts only after creating personas. Focus on the factors that align with your ultimate business goals. While preparing your personas, use your own analytical knowledge too. Don’t just rely 100% on scripted survey forms. It is ideal to start with 2-3 personas in the initial phase. The only key to success is to create more effective content and promote your content effectively. This will drastically improve your ability to generate and nurture leads.

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