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Understanding School in Germany

Im Buch »Schule in Deutschland verstehen. Grundwissen für Eltern« geht es um zwei Themen, die alle Familien mit Kindern früher oder später betreffen: Schule und Berufswahl. Diese Fragen kommen den meisten Eltern sicherlich bekannt vor: Wie kann ich mein Kind vor Beginn der Schule und während der Schulzeit unterstützen? Welche Rolle spielen wir als Eltern bei der Berufswahl unseres Kindes? Welche Rechte und Pflichten haben wir als Eltern? Was passiert nach der Schule? 100 kurze und verständliche Texte enthalten Antworten auf diese und weitere Fragen. Dieses Buch zeigt die vielen Möglichkeiten auf, wie Eltern mit der Schule zusammenarbeiten können. Es ist einfach zu lesen und enthält 20 kurze Kapitel. Jedes Kapitel enthält 5 wichtige Informationen zu einem Thema. Außerdem gibt es konkrete Tipps und zusätzliche Informationsquellen. Das Buch kann bei Elternveranstaltungen, Elternabenden an Schulen sowie in der außerschulischen Elternbildung eingesetzt werden. »Schule in Deutschland verstehen« gibt es mittlerweile in insgesamt sechs Sprachfassungen: Arabisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Persisch, Russisch und Türkisch.

What can you do? 1. You

What can you do? 1. You have most likely applied for a position at least once in your life. Presumably this was some time ago or even in another country. You should note, however, that the way in which applications are written has changed over time, not to mention there are major differences in each country and industry. Applying for a bank clerk training position is different than applying for a mechatronics technician apprenticeship. 2. It is not good if you write your child’s application. The application may appear too implausible or well prepared. This should be done by your child. 3. However, you can help with its preparation or by reviewing it once it is finished and before it is dispatched. You will find a checklist on page 81. If you would like to learn more … … about applications: You can find information and practical recommendations at Navigation: Eltern > Mein Kind unterstützen You can find easy-to-read information in German, Farsi, Polish, Russian, and Turkish in the ”Handbuch für interkulturelle Elternarbeit” (Manual for Intercultural Work with Parents) (green module, pp. 1-13) from BQM Beratung Qualifizierung Migration: Navigation: Informationen für Ratsuchende > Publikationen … 80 …

Checklist All documents are printed on clean, white or recycled paper (are not crinkled and do not have any stains on them). Your child’s name and current address are located in the letterhead. The application photo was taken by a professional photographer (not in a photo booth or during your most recent holiday). Your child is dressed appropriately in the photo. He or she should not be wearing colourful T-shirts, large earrings, or showing cleavage. Your child need not be wearing an expensive suit or designer outfit. A proper blouse or pressed shirt is sufficient. The application photo is attached to the page (not with a paperclip). Diplomas, certificates, report cards, and other important supporting documentation are enclosed as copies. Never send originals! The cover letter and the curriculum vitae bear the same date. The cover letter is addressed to a specific person, if possible. Good is: Dear Mrs Peters, (…)/Dear Mr Jackson, (…). Bad is: To whom it may concern: (…). Even worse is: Hello, (…). The envelope has the proper amount of postage. The curriculum vitae is no longer than one page. The cover letter is no longer than one page. Your child has signed both the cover letter and the curriculum vitae. In the application folder/portfolio there should be 1. curriculum vitae (CV), 2. copies of diplomas, certificates, or report cards, and 3. references for internships (Praktika) or volunteer work. The cover letter is placed loosely atop of the application folder/ portfolio (not in the folder). Important note: Your child’s application must be written for a specific company and training position. You cannot send the same application to many different companies. The application documents should be slightly adapted for each company’s profile. … 81 …

Schule in Deutschland verstehen (englische Sprachfassung)
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