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Understanding School in Germany

Im Buch »Schule in Deutschland verstehen. Grundwissen für Eltern« geht es um zwei Themen, die alle Familien mit Kindern früher oder später betreffen: Schule und Berufswahl. Diese Fragen kommen den meisten Eltern sicherlich bekannt vor: Wie kann ich mein Kind vor Beginn der Schule und während der Schulzeit unterstützen? Welche Rolle spielen wir als Eltern bei der Berufswahl unseres Kindes? Welche Rechte und Pflichten haben wir als Eltern? Was passiert nach der Schule? 100 kurze und verständliche Texte enthalten Antworten auf diese und weitere Fragen. Dieses Buch zeigt die vielen Möglichkeiten auf, wie Eltern mit der Schule zusammenarbeiten können. Es ist einfach zu lesen und enthält 20 kurze Kapitel. Jedes Kapitel enthält 5 wichtige Informationen zu einem Thema. Außerdem gibt es konkrete Tipps und zusätzliche Informationsquellen. Das Buch kann bei Elternveranstaltungen, Elternabenden an Schulen sowie in der außerschulischen Elternbildung eingesetzt werden. »Schule in Deutschland verstehen« gibt es mittlerweile in insgesamt sechs Sprachfassungen: Arabisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Persisch, Russisch und Türkisch.

Today the application

Today the application process is almost like an audition! 20.1 The company is sitting in the jury when it comes to internships (Praktika), integrated career and vocational education and training (duale Ausbildung), or work-study degree programmes (duales Studium). When it comes to a career, companies are your most important partners. Companies that train young people are called apprenticing companies ( Ausbildungsbetriebe). The company decides in its sole discretion who will be offered an internship (Praktikum), a trainee position, or accepted into a work-study degree programme (duales Studium). Each company naturally only wants to educate and train the best and brightest. Some companies focus on school performance and others want to educate and train youth which are reliable, capable of learning, and show a passion for their future occupation. 20.2 Searching for a company: There are many roads leading to Rome. Before your child sets off on his or her search, he or she should find out which companies in your vicinity (community, town, city) offer training programmes or internships (Praktika). Your child has many ways of finding a company. Here are some ideas: Do an internship (Praktikum), use internet search engines, look in business directories or the telephone book, talk to contacts (this also means friends and acquaintances), visit education and job fairs, visit the state employment agency and other information and consultation centres, read the classified advertising in newspapers, pay attention to outdoor advertising, for example billboard ads in the street or advertising posted on buses or in supermarkets. You can call a company directly, get information from their website, or even stop by for a visit. … 82 …

20.3 Every company has its own recruitment procedure. Every company has its own ways for finding what they consider to be the best applicants. Here are some examples: Interview (Bewerbungsgespräch): Your child will go to the company, introduce him or herself, interview with two or more persons from the company, answer various questions, and become acquainted with the company. Telephone interview (Telefoninterview): Your child will interview with a person from the business over the telephone, describe him or herself, answer questions, and be able to ask questions. Online test (Onlinetest): Your child will answer various questions on the computer at home and will be asked to complete a series of exercises or tasks. Recruitment test (Einstellungstest): Your child will take an exam at the company. Frequently, the subjects that are tested include mathematics, German, and general knowledge. Assessment centre (Assessment-Center): Your child will spend an entire day at a company and will receive various tasks to complete. For example: tests (mathematics, German, general knowledge, and politics/civics), personal introductions, group exercises (group discussions or role playing), and presentations or speeches. 20.4 In an interview even little things can be decisive. Preparation is the key. Your child has already been successful simply by the fact that he or she was invited to an interview. However, this is no guarantee that your child will be offered a trainee position. Every business will interview several applicants and then select one or more. Now your child’s success is contingent on the interview. It is important that your child is punctual, properly dressed, make-up modestly applied, if any, only having applied a discreet amount of cologne or perfume, not chewing gum, have his or her mobile phone turned off, etc. … 83 …

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