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Erasmus+ (The First

Erasmus+ (The First Meeting in Germany) The first meeting of the Erasmus+ project took place in Mülheim an der Ruhr, from 27 th November to 2 nd December, 2017. The participants from our primary school Antona Ingolič Spodnja Polskava were two teachers (Cvetka Govejšek and Barbara Jurista) and two students (Nina Hartl and Lina Kovač). On Sunday, 27 th November, we went by bus early in the morning to the Vienna airport and then took a flight to Düsseldorf in Germany. A week full of unforgettable memories started with seeing our host families for the first time. Lina and I spent the mornings, evenings and nights at their homes. Fun was not the only purpose of our trip; we had school work and different tasks too. The working week started on Monday when we first gathered at our host school. We had presentations of our homes and schools in the auditorium with all the participating students and teachers from seven different countries. Slovenia was the first to hold the presentation followed by Italy, France, Norway, Greece and Portugal. After the presentation, we had a debate in English language with the topic »What does homeland mean to me? «. At the beginning everyone was a bit reserved, but after a while we all started to discuss more openly. The most participants told us that their understanding of homeland is a place where their friends and family live or their native language is spoken. After the debate, we were divided into groups by different nationalities. Until the end of the week each of the group had to prepare a presentation or a video on the topic »What does homeland mean to me? «. The rest of the morning we spent time together to get to know each other better. After a quite exhausting beginning, we were all hungry and went on lunch in a restaurant by the river. Later, we were exploring Mülheim with our groups where we had to fill out a questionnaire. Then we were allowed to spend some time on our own. We started Tuesday in the classroom where Lina and I attended an art lesson with the teachers from Italy. Our teachers gave a lecture in the seventh class of the local school. The Gasometer in Oberhausen was

our next stop followed by free time which we could use to visit the giant shopping centre »Centro« or do other things of our own interest. Some of the students interviewed people in the shopping centre asking them »What does homeland mean to them? «. On Wednesday we took a train to Cologne to do some sightseeing. The first stop was the Kölner Dom which was worth visiting. Then we went to the famous Christmas market where we had a meal and did some shopping. Around 4 pm we returned to Mülheim and went home to our host families. On Thursday we visited the museum Camera Obscura to learn about the history of the photography, the development of cameras and moving pictures. After it, we had some time to finish our presentations which we had to present in the following evening during the welfare party. At 7 pm we all met at school for the final presentations. The parents of all the hosts were invited too. The presentation and the videos, which we made in Cologne and Oberhausen, went very well. The teachers were proud of us. After the official part, we hung out with the students, danced and listened to music. On the last day, Friday, we met at the train station to visit the coalmine in Essen. We had a very interesting guided tour in English. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant to have a nice meal and get warm some. On the last evening we had to say goodbye to our new friends from all over Europe. Some of us even cried a bit. On Saturday we got up very early again to catch the plane back to Vienna. Although we made a lot of new friends we were also happy to arrive back home again. The trip was an amazing experience. At the end, we all found out that was worth all of the efforts we had to put into it to be chosen for the travelling. Nina HARTL 9.b Antona Ingoliča Spodnja Polskava OŠ Slovenia

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