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1 st Erasmus+

1 st Erasmus+ meeting Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany Fotis,Greece On October of 2017,our teacher informed us about an Erasmus programme in which our school was taking part of. When I found out I was chosen to participate in the first visit and travel to Germany I was totally thrilled and amazed by the idea. Here are some things about this amazing experience. In this report,I am going to describe my experineces and all the highlights of this amazing trip. Day 1 On the first day of our trip,we flew all across Europe to Düsseldorf, Northenrn Germany. The flight lasted for about 3 hours and our host families were waiting for us at the airport. They then took us to their homes and introduced us to the environments we would now call home for the next week. Day 2 The second day we wake up in the morning and went to school.All the students that participated in the Erasmus project were gathered in the audiotorium and the german school was kind enough to prepare welcoming signs in all the native languages of the coutries participating. They also prepared some dance shows and offered us treats.After

that, we had a workshop and we disgusted about the term of “home” and “homeland”.Then, we had a walk around the city and the city centre and we also had lunch Day 3 On the 3 rd day,we were gathered in the classes and the teachers from the norwegian school taught us some things about their homecountry and we also disgusted about further details about life in their island. Then we walked to the tram stop and used the local transportation system to go to Oberhausen, a town nearby. There, we visited the Gasometer, which was a brilliant experience. There, a giant globe was exhibited and you could use the elevator to on the top of the building and admire the show. After that, we visited the Centro oberhausen shopping mall, which is one of the biggest in Europe! There, my greeks friends and our new german ones had lunch, shopped and had a walk / Day 4 This was probably the most memorable part of our trip. We took the train and visited one of the biggest german cities, Cologne. There, we had lots of time to visit the Dome of Cologne, which is a Cathedral. We also climbed up the Dome and admired the dazzling view of the city. Afterwards, we visited the Christmas market and tried some german foods. We also visited the hard rock cafe and walked around the city centre and the Rhine area.

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