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y@h in Germany

Day 5 On the 5 th day,

Day 5 On the 5 th day, we gathered in the auditorium early in the morning to find ideas about our projects about homeland. After that, we visited the camera obscura museum in Mülheim and then, me and my german and greek friends went at the local mall. Day 6 On the last day of our trip, we visited Essen and the former coal mine. We also had lunch and visited the red dot design museum. Afterwards, we visited the Rhein-Ruhr Zentrum mall. And after all this, we found ourselves on an airplane, heading back to greece... Highlights of the trip: • The school(Realschule Broich) To be honest,I think that the german school was amazing, The building and the facilities were much more advanced than the greek ones. I also found interesting that there was a garden and even some tanks containing animals such as forgs, lizzards etc. And last but not least, having a lesson

with foreign teahers helped me gain knowledge about their own homecountry and traditions • Friends+Host family Having participated in such a project,I came together with a lot of amazing people and not only had fun, but also gaind long-lasting experiences I wouldn't have gained otherwise. I promise to never forget Benjamin,Schirin,Mirna and Liza and I hope we manage to meet again. I would also like to thank the Paessens family for being kind enough of hosting me and making me feel like home the week I stayed with them.

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