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Local Life - Wigan - May 2018

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52 At school Get the

52 At school Get the whole school to dress in purple for the day, or turn your sports day into a purple extravaganza. There could even be purple activities for parents too! At home Invite your friends round for a purple dinner and have purple food and drink. Get everyone to wear purple and play purple games. The possibilities are endless. Sudden memory loss or confusion; Sudden dizziness, unsteadiness or a sudden fall, especially with any of the other symptoms. Why act F.A.S.T? If you notice any sign of a stroke, call 999. The faster you act, the better the chance of recovery. Purple May And to raise awareness for this worthwhile cause, it’s time to Make May Purple – Go Purple for Pounds during the Stroke Association’s annual awareness month. Friends, families and communities are invited to show their support for people who have been affected by a stroke. The Stroke Association helps stroke survivors regain their independence, but they need our help. All you need to do is wear purple and every penny raised will help provide support for stroke survivors. Wear purple to work, school or outside in your community – wherever you are, the association hopes you’ll turn all your activities purple during May. Every purple event you take part in will really make a difference to stroke survivors. Tony Rudd, National Clinical Director for Stroke with NHS England and stroke physician at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Thanks to improved NHS care, stroke survival is now at record high levels. “Urgent treatment for strokes is essential, so friends and family can play a key part in making sure their loved ones receive care as quickly as possible.” Juliet Bouverie, CEO of the Stroke Association, said: “As the UK’s leading stroke charity, we have said time and again that stroke devastates lives in an instant. “Almost two thirds of stroke survivors leave hospital with a disability, but it doesn’t have to be this way. “The faster you seek and receive emergency specialist treatment for stroke, the better your chances of making a good recovery. Knowing the signs of stroke and being able to Act FAST could save a life – your life.” If you’d like to find out more about the Stroke Association and get involved, please visit https:// Go purple at work Get everyone to dress in purple for the day and even host a purple bake sale.