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Local Life - Wigan - May 2018

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58 ADVERTISEMENT Expansion at Prosper Wealth Management Amongst the local gossip recently was news that Prosper Wealth Management had bought a property next door to their offices on the High Street in Standish, so I popped up to see the company’s owner David Barton to find out what his future plans were for his business. CP Why did you need to buy the house next door? DB We didn’t (laugh…) As this wasn’t available we got permission from the council to extend to the side and rear of the existing premises. We’re growing really quickly as more and more prospective clients are engaging with us for financial planning services, both for investment and for retirement planning, and we needed the space for extra staff that will strengthen our research and administrative functions. CP Was it easy recruiting the extra staff? DB In a word, no! We really needed to invest in additional high quality staff with a particular skill set and a high level of technical competence to ensure that our new and existing clients benefit from both our initial planning advice service as well as our ongoing guidance. We started looking for staff in May 2017 but it wasn’t until February this year that we secured three new experienced professionals, two Para-Planners/Researchers and a Senior Administrator. David Barton CP Why didn’t you just move to a bigger place? DB All of us at Prosper Wealth Management live locally and the majority of our clients live within a 5 mile radius, so we didn’t want to inconvenience them by moving out of the area. More importantly, I live 5 minutes away from the office and I like the sandwiches at Kaz’s kitchen… CP How will the changes affect you in the short term? DB The build is scheduled to start in May with a view to finishing by the end of summer. Don’t be put off by the scaffolding; we will still be open and working hard. The interior designer’s brief is to create a contemporary space with a relaxed, yet confidential feel, so we’re all looking forward to working in the new offices. CP So what are the plans for the future? DB Well, we’re currently attracting £2m to £2.5m of pension and investment money per month from local clients and our business plan is to grow the funds under management from £140m to £250m within the next three years. CP And how confident are you that will happen? DB We were the first Independent Financial Adviser in Wigan to achieve Chartered Financial Status, and people know that they can depend on us for quality advice in the areas of investments and, more specifically, pension planning, so yes, I’m quietly confident we can achieve that target. CP Good luck David, all the very best!