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Kotti-Shop-Zine (in progress)

Kotti-Shop SpaceLab: Futur II Participatory and collaborative installation: infinite city drawing as wallpaper, video mappings on a spatial coordinate system, drawings, collages and films; 2015 Futur II is a collaborative installation of the art laboratory SuperFuture in cooperation with invited artists and neighbours around the Kotti-Shop. It is an artistic survey of the „spaces of the possible“ at the `epicentre`, Kottbusser Tor in Berlin. An infinitely expandable drawing of a fantasy city on the walls of the Kotti-Shop formed the framework of the exhibition. Works by artists and neighbours have been integrated into this collective wallpaper. Newly developed works for the exhibition were on display in the Kotti-Shop, alongside extracts from projects of recent years. At the heart of the installation was the expansive multimedia installation Kotti 24/7, which was developed by the children and residents of the Neue Kreuzberger Zentrum. It is a detailed inventory of the time and space structures of Kottbusser Tor. Based on 24-hour films, it examines the question: when does who move where at Kotti?“

_Nachbarschaftliche Kunst-Projekte: Installationsansicht „FUTUR II“, Kotti-Shop, Berlin

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