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Kotti-Shop-Zine (in progress)

Kotti-Shop SuperFuture: Strategien des Alltags (Strategies of Everyday Life) Participatory installation: collage wallpaper, LED treadmills, 13 films controlled by touchscreen, video projection | concept & artistic direction: Stefan Endewardt, Julia Brunner and Samuel Weikopf. In cooperation with students* of the Carl-von-Ossietzky School and Fritz-Karsen School, Berlin 2016 Strategien des Alltags: What can we design in our lives? What, if anything, do we want to design? Where are we designed? When are we the creators of our lives? Where are we powerful, where are we powerless? Students of two eleventh grade classes at the Carl-von-Ossietzky School (Kreuzberg) and the Fritz-Karsen School (Neukölln) addressed these questions. Based on a detailed survey and mapping, they looked more closely at different areas of our lives and expressed their insights, questions, opinions and observations on film. Thirteen short films based on Pecha-Kucha were made on the big questions: What can we design in (our own) space, with time, with movement, empathy, in our social relationships, in politics... - in essays, narratives, reports, questions and anecdotes. The Kotti-Shop showed these films, surrounded by a wallfilling collage wallpaper, as an interactive Pecha Kucha film installation.

_Nachbarschaftliche Kunst-Projekte: Installationsansicht „Strategien des Alltags“, Kotti-Shop, Berlin

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