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Kotti-Shop-Zine (in progress)


Künstlerische Leitung: Kotti-Sop / SuperFuture SuperFuture, located in the art and project space Kotti-Shop in Berlin‘s Kreuzberg district, is a Berlin-based art laboratory that experimentally investigates the interplay between space, society and psychology using artistic methods. Its repertoire includes artistic works with or without a participatory approach, which are combined to form expansive multimedia installations. The core of the work is the ongoing project series „SpaceLab“: based on the assumption of a symbiotic relationship between structure and action,“SpaceLab“ examines and interrogates the complexities and processes of urban (life) spaces using artistic methods. It tries to make processes of change, conflicts and the potential of mutual cooperation tangible and readable. The instruments developed for this purpose are greatly inspired by the theory of space and society. They undertake the daring attempt to make scientific theories accessible and translate them into artistic formats, thus creating an exchange between theory and practice. Stefan Endewardt born in Hannover 1976, lives and works in Berlin. His work addresses the areas of tension between art, architecture and cultural education. Based on ‚forms of materialised thinking‘ Endewardt examines the complexity of urban spaces, social fabrics and the interplay between structure and action. His practice also encompasses collaborative installations and participatory strategies. He is a founding member of the Informal University in Foundation (IUIF) and the artist groups TRANSFORM and SuperFuture. Since 2008 and he has run the art and project space Kotti-Shop in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Julia Brunner, born in 1983, began studying German language and literature at the University of Bayreuth, completed her Master‘s degree at the University of Delaware in 2009, and, back in Germany via detours, came to the medium of radio, the field of experimental sound in general and storytelling. Today, she lives in Berlin as a freelance storyteller and, together with others, tells stories in sounds and images. Her repertoire is broad and ranges from radio reports, sound art pieces, sound installations to portraits, reports and experimental films. Her thematic point of reference is the contradictions of urban space with its paths, spaces, boundaries and breaks, and the mental space with its memories, thoughts and dreams, as well as the question of a form of expression, of language as repository, its collections and archives. She has been working in the art and project space Kotti-Shop (Berlin, Kreuzberg) since 2014. She is also co-founder of the art laboratory SuperFuture, which investigates the field of tension between space, society and psychology experimentally, using artistic methods.

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