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WASHING IN STYLE Our wide range of high-performance dishwashers make your dishes sparkle and your eyes shine with delight. ■ One thing is certain: a dishwasher uses far less energy and water than washing up by hand. This is particularly true of our appliances – they are among the very best when it comes to the environment. The Adora SL WP even has a heat pump that helps to almost halve your electricity consumption. Every one of our dishwashers comes with the programmes you would expect from a good appliance. The sophisticated programmes installed in our dishwashers are an excellent argument when it comes to picking a higher convenience level. Washes all your cares away ■■ Automatic programme for the optimum wash cycle ■■ A wide range of special programmes such as fondue/raclette ■■ Wash in record time with the Party programme ■■ Sparkling results with SteamFinish ■■ OptiStart delayed start function ■■ Adaptive equipment 30 31