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Section 2 - SAP

Section 2 - SAP Reporting and Analytics Continued Solution/ Utility name Primary function Accessed via Pros Cons QuickViewer A simple, quick, one-time lookup utility for fast access to basic data. Transaction code SE38 Very easy to use. It offers limited functionality, hundreds of SAP Notes logged, no updates are planned (and it has not been updated since version 4.6C), and it doesn’t offer access to payroll or time results. A utility that allows access to Transaction code Evaluates wage types Does not provide access to payroll and time results data PC00_M99_CLGA09 from the payroll results traditional data, only the from the clusters. for a selected period. wage type results. Wage Type reporter This data is from tables RT (Results Table) and WPBP (Work Place Basic Pay) for the payroll results. Other tables and data from infotypes are not evaluated. PAGE 13

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