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Section 2 - SAP

Section 2 - SAP Reporting and Analytics Continued C: SAP Analytics Solutions SAP’s first foray into analytics was SAP Business Information Warehouse, often referred to as BI or BW. BW is an offline data warehouse run on industrystandard RDBMS and SAP’s HANA in-memory DBMS. SAP BI/BW (Business Warehouse) is generally used as a strategic management reporting tool across multiple modules, not just HCM and Payroll. BW extracts data out of various SAP systems and imports this into Infocubes for reporting. BI/BW is an offline data warehouse routinely (i.e. monthly, quarterly etc.) fed with data for post-hoc analysis. It is ideally suited for non-operational data that can be analyzed in conjunction with other data sources. BI/BW is most popularly used for non-HCM modules, however InfoCubes exist for HCM. A common customer complaint is that there is only one infocube for Payroll, and it is limited to use only by those companies that have a monthly payroll frequency. In the future landscape any HCM data that exists in an offline data warehouse like BW and even SAP SFSF WFA will likely be fed into SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) for strategic analysis in line with the SAP SuccessFactors movement to the cloud. All SuccessFactors data plus external HR & Talent Sources (e.g., SAP HR, Oracle, Peoplesoft, etc.) all unified within SF WFA WFA Analytical connrctor for pre-calculated KPIs SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD Digital Boardroom Transactional Connector for SF application Level objects PAGE 21

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