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Section 3 - SAP SUCCESSFACTORS Reporting and Analytics Continued D: What About Transactional reporting for Time and Payroll in WFA? This is where we return to the focus of the distinction between reporting and analytics. Reporting is designed to include transactional level data which is so critical for time and payroll, while analytics is not designed to include transactional data. Key areas where transactional data is critical for reporting include Payroll, Benefits and Time Management/Evaluation Data. Does WFA allow the ability to report on Payroll data? The fast answer is a soft yes. There is a metrics pack for payroll, but it is not intended for operational payroll reporting or compliance reporting. Let’s take a moment to look deeper into that question. Existing SAP Payroll customers currently have 4 options for their Payroll: $ $ Keeping your SAP on-premise Migrating to SAP SAP SuccessFactors Outsourcing your payroll “as is” SuccessFactors Employee Managed Payroll payroll (MCPO) Central Payroll (ECP) If you are not familiar with your four options, I encourage you to check out our webinar titled The SAP Payroll Evolution from On-Premise to the Cloud. As you may know, each of the first three options still uses SAP payroll as its foundational source. On-premise is the same as you have now, ECP is a re-implemented simplified version of the SAP Payroll you have now and the managed payroll is the payroll you have now, as is, hosted on a cloud server. So essentially, each of the first three scenarios uses traditional SAP Payroll behind-the-scenes. If there is one thing we all know, it’s that reporting on SAP Payroll is not easy to do and accessing transactional data can be cumbersome in SAP using utilities like the Wage Type Reporter. WFA on the other hand offers content related to payroll analytics by leveraging data from payroll results. PAGE 37

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