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Below is a sample list

Below is a sample list of result measures available to customers Offers content related to payroll analytics by leveraging data from payroll results. Actual Headcount as a Percentage of Plan Overtime Compensation Rate Bonus Compensation Rate Direct Cost of Voluntary Direct Cost of Voluntary Direct Base Termination Termination per FTE Compensation per FTE Compensation per FTE Average Compensation Ratio Total Workforce Annual Planned Salary Total Workforce Annual Planned Salary

who implement the WFA Payroll metrics pack: Overtime Expense per FTE Overtime Hours Rate Bonus Actual to Potential Rate This is not an all-inclusive list, but it gives you an idea of the types of data that are available for payroll. There is some very good analysis stuff in here that you would not traditionally find in SAP on-premise reporting, including “Direct cost of voluntary termination and “actual headcount as a percentage of plan”. This type of curated data is possible via integration with other metrics packs. Bonus Receipt Rate Direct Compensation per Work Hour Base Compensation per Work Hour However, the transactional pay reporting that Payroll managers use to reconcile their payrolls, etc., is not included in the WFA metrics pack. Detailed payroll reporting often includes Payroll registers, Wage Type Analysis, Payroll Reconciliation reports (including retros and claims), Gross to Net Pay to Pay Difference, Payroll Reconciliation Wage Type Analysis, etc. Currently, this type of Bonus Eligibility Rate Average Incentive Plan Target Amount per FTE Total Target Direct Compensation per FTE transactional level reporting is not part of WFA. This type of data is available only in Query Manager.

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