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Redesign Your Kitchen On A Budget

Premium Kitchens offer the finest luxury kitchen designs in Boca Raton, FL. Our team of designers will design the perfect custom kitchen for your home.

Redesign Your Kitchen On A Budget Making the choice to remodel your kitchen is a brave and slightly expensive move. Getting a new kitchen can cost anywhere from $20,000-$50,000. That price range to most people is not just pocket change. Even if you have the money t never hurts to learn some skills or tips to save your coin. You can change the way you view this by making it cheaper for you to get your dream kitchen. You do not need to break the bank to get the results you see in your head. How can you achieve your perfect vision without splurging you may ask? Well we have a few tips on redesigning your kitchen on a budget. Hire A Designer If you are doing more than just changing the countertops or painting the cabinets then get a designer. This will save you from wasting so much money on expensive errors made. You can also get their help when it comes to sourcing some of the cheapest items in the market. Make Choices One of the things that make it expensive to remodel is when changes are made mid-renovation. Once you have hired a professional make a plan and chose the items you want to change. Make sure that the choices you make are final before you start. When items are delivered and sent back they cost extra. The contractor may be scheduled to do another job and may charge you more for the extra work. Save On Cabinets The most expensive part of remodeling a kitchen is the cabinets. Let’s say you want everything to be changed but you have sturdy cabinets. You can choose to just change the color. A semi-gloss white color can make even outdated cabinets look good. You can have them painted. If they’re too

outdated to save have the doors changed. Cabinets that are worn out completely will need to be changed. Consider buying stock cabinets as they are way cheaper than customized ones. Cut Back On The Backsplash You do not need to carry the theme all through the kitchen. You can splurge on amazing tiles just behind the sink or stove. You can then use the basic budget tile around that are. This way you only invest heavily in the area that is both functionally and visually important. Light It Up The one thing that makes a kitchen look brighter is having light. To avoid additional changes in the future, ensure you are placing the light in the areas where the cook will be working. You can also add some cheap under cabinet lighting which will make them look more expensive than they are. Save On Plumbing Unless it is completely necessary leave plumbing where it is. Only use the plumber to replace or fix something. The second biggest cost in a budget is when you decide to move the sink, gas stove or dishwasher.

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