7 months ago

Color Splashing Rolland by Katie Hess

This month Penelope Rolland was met by Katie Hess of the way of lifestyle brand, Lotuswei about her every day, work process, and love of all thing flowers.

Message from Penelope

Message from Penelope Rolland We recently received a message from Penelope Rolland, She shared with us her recent experience with our Peony Flower Elixir, along with several photos of herself standing in front of her recently finished wall mural … of a PEONY! Amazing, right? Well, here’s the cherry on top: she also infused the entire piece with Peony flower essence by adding it into her paints + onto the wall during different phases of the work!

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, ABUNDANCE + GENEROSITY All flowers are my favorite flowers! Peony, however, is the one that stands out for me right now, serving as a guide and teacher flower. Its presence helps bring to my awareness the qualities of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, ABUNDANCE + GENEROSITY.