8 months ago

Color Splashing Rolland by Katie Hess

This month Penelope Rolland was met by Katie Hess of the way of lifestyle brand, Lotuswei about her every day, work process, and love of all thing flowers.


HOW DOES NATURE INFLUENCE YOUR WORK? To me nature is an ongoing source of guidance and inspiration. When we take the time to attune to its messages, nature shows us what we have been hiding from ourselves. It lovingly mirrors the infinity, the beauty, the love and the intelligence that we are.

HOW HAVE YOU TAKEN HEALTH + HAPPINESS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS? Thanks to the work I have done with my dear friend and mentor Jay Rai, a truly inspiring Self-Empowerment Therapist and Founder of, I have learned to speak my truth, to monitor my thoughts and feelings, and to watch any inner dialogue that does not serve the highest aspects of myself. It’s taken a lot of practice and I am still working at it, but at the end of my day, I can now take full responsibility for how much happiness I allow into my life. Flower essences are wonderful allies in this process, helping me to see what I am not seeing, and allowing me to gently release entrenched negative beliefs I have created about myself. For my family and daily needs, I refer to homeopathy, vibrational medicine, and Reiki. I also have a growing interest in learning about Biofield Tuning, a sound wave modality elaborated by Eileen McKusick.