7 months ago

Color Splashing Rolland by Katie Hess

This month Penelope Rolland was met by Katie Hess of the way of lifestyle brand, Lotuswei about her every day, work process, and love of all thing flowers.


MINDFUL AWARENESS Drawing is a delicious mindful practice. When drawing becomes a meditative practice, anyone can learn to draw with ease! It’s all about leaving our verbal mode aside and entering the present moment, which is very simple to access via line drawing. Many years ago, a teacher told me “If you want to draw a flower you must become the flower”. Ever since I create the intention to merge with the flower I am drawing, I observe it from within, and from that inner bonding space, I find that more of myself is revealed to me. It’s a wonderful feeling.

CURIOSITY, DISCOVERY + MAGIC Curiosity and adventure definitely fuel my creativity and my feeling of being alive. Magic, I believe occurs when we accept to move beyond our fears and learn to trust our intuition when we make the decision to genuinely be available to live and fully embrace the infinite possibilities that we are. The more we decide to live fearlessly, the more we open to the magic that awaits us in each moment. That as well takes practice, but this is why we are here.