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Doppelmayr/Garaventa Yearbook 2018

Detachable Gondola Lifts

Detachable Gondola Lifts 10-MGD Línea Naranja I & II Empresa Estatal de Transporte por Cable "Mi Teleférico" La Paz | Bolivia Section 1 Section 2 Inclined length 1,584 m 983 m Vertical rise 148 m -159 m Speed 5.0 m/s 5.0 m/s Capacity 3,000 PPH 3,000 PPH // From home to everywhere. Faster than ever. Never easier. Friday, September 29, 2017, saw the opening by Bolivia’s President, Evo Morales, of the Línea Naranja (orange line). This is now the fifth to be opened in La Paz/El Alto as part of the world’s biggest urban ropeway network. It links up directly with the red line, which was the first to go into service. Together, the blue, red and orange lines form the longest continuously connected stretch within the network, covering a distance of 10 kilometers. Passengers can join or leave the Línea Naranja at four stations. The Plaza Villarroel station has a particular claim to fame: It is the first ropeway station located underneath a public square. The white line will also be connected to this subway station. Another five lines are due to go into operation by 2019. Once Phase II is completed, the network will consist of ten lines. 60

El Alto La Paz Línea Roja (2014) Línea Amarilla (2014) Línea Verde (2014) Línea Azul (2017) Línea Naranja (2017) Planned / under construction 61