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spotlight | FANOLA A revolution in technical services Fanola Fiber Fix is a professional range that adds value and boosts the technical service. It is an innovative restructuring product that you have to mix with colour and bleach • without altering the final colour and lifting power. • without modifying normal processing times. • without changing mixing ratios. • without additional steps. N.1 Bond Fixer Ideal for all hair types combined with technical services (pH: 3,0-3,5) • Protects and restructures hair fibre during technical services (ideal for colouring and lightening) • Penetrates the hair during the chemical process • Hair looks restored, exceptionally shiny, strong and healthy • Does not alter the final colour or the lifting power N.2 Bond Connector Ideal for coloured and pre-lightened hair and to complete and stabilise hair after perms and straightening services (pH: 3,3-3,7) • Locks in the colour, sealing the cuticles • Protects and soothes hair • More brilliant, intense and long-lasting colour Fiber Shampoo Ideal for coloured and pre-lightened hair as both a post-colour treatment and bleach (pH: 4,3-4,7) • Locks in the colour, sealing the cuticles • Protects the hair • More brilliant, intense and long-lasting colour Professional Restructuring Procedure For Bleaching Step 1: Restructuring Action Squeeze 20g of powder lightener into a non-metal bowl, adding 40g of cream developer and 7ml N.1 Bond Fixer (2 scoop = 7ml). Mix well with a brush then apply to hair and leave for the normal processing time. If the minimum amount of powder lightener indicated is increased, do not increase the amount of N.1 Bond Fixer (it is a set amount for each application). The cream developer’s volume remain the same, follow standard instructions. Step 2: Rebalancing and Sealing action Rinse the powder lightener off then apply N.2 Bond Connector over lengths and ends to seal the cuticle and rebalance the pH of the hair. Massage and comb with an anti-static comb. Leave for 2 minutes then rinse with plenty of water. Step 3: Cleansing and Illuminating Action To gently cleanse the scalp and hair, apply Fiber Shampoo to wet hair. Massage and leave for 2 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. Step 4: Soothing and Glossy Action To hydrate the hair and make it permanently soft and glossy, place 20g of N.2 Bond Connector in a bowl and mix with 20ml warm water. Emulsify with a brush until it is smooth and uniform. Pour the mixture directly from the bowl evenly over all the hair, massage and comb strand by strand for an optimal conditioning and protective effect. Leave for 1 minute then rinse. Shop The Feature Our exclusive feature items are available online or in-stores. Fanola Fiber Fix N.1 Bond Fixer 500ml $59.95 86838 Fanola Fiber Fix N.2 Bond Connector 1000ml $18.95 86840 Fanola Fiber Fix Fiber Shampoo 1000ml $16.50 86839 Fanola Fiber Fix Professional Intro Kit $34.95 86841 14 SHOP 24/7 ONLINE AMR.COM.AU

Colour basics Learn the core principles of Fanola, gain insider knowledge and use Fanola to its full potential. After attending this workshop you will become a more confident colourist and fall back in love with colour. We will discuss the science behind colouring, the colour chart, coverage, pre-lightening and toning with colour swatches and much more. Monthly colour formulas Fanola Colour Basics Workshop $99 Dates: Monday 6th of February 2017 Monday 6th of March 2017 Monday 3rd of April 2017 Monday 1st of May 2017 Monday 5th of June 2017 Monday 3rd of July 2017 Limited spots available for each class. Includes: – Lunch on the day – 20 human hair swatches – Fanola technical manual and work book – Certificate of attendance – 20% off all Fanola products on that day (excludes starter packs) Rachelle Mariano che.r.mariano Roots-Mids: 7.1 + 8.11 + Silver Intensifier Developer: 10 Vol Mids-Ends: 10.11 + Silver Intensifier Developer: 10 Vol What's your fantasy? Bring your fantasy to reality with Fanola’s new violet shades to suit your every dream and desire. These three new shades perform as hybrid colours – permanent or semipermanent with a change of a developer. Light Fantasy Violet formulas counteract natural, coloured or bleached tones in hair before depositing a violet tone. Depositing a violet tone onto levels 8 or higher, or using as a toner cancel out any unwanted yellow tones and result in a cleaner pastel blonde. Fanola Fantasy Violets $5.95ea 8.2F Light Blonde Fantasy Violet 96358 9.2F Very Light Blonde Fantasy Violet 96361 10.2F Blonde Platinum Fantasy Violet 96362 Sammi Wang sammiiwang 11.7 + 10.11 Developer: 3.5 Vol Did you know? A facebook Fanola community for hairdressers only group has been created and includes information about the brand’s extensive hair product range. Showcase work, ask a question and share advice. It currently has over 4000 members and growing by the day. Find the group by seaching on facebook: Fanola Colour Group (Hairdressers only) Janet Nguyen loveisinthehair_byjanet Roots: 5.1 Mids-Ends: 9.11 + Silver Argento + Blue 1300 789 913 15