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Spotlight | INEBRYA

Spotlight | INEBRYA Maximum impact with Inebrya BY TOMICA CAMERON HAIR & MAKEUP ARTIST | HAIR SKIN BODY I love Inebrya because each product does what it is actually designed to do, for once! It is also very pleasant to have in the salon with the amazing aromas that flow throughout the day, we constantly have clients asking "what’s that smell?", and it’s so great to have to tell them that it’s their hair. Not to mention that there is SLS & Paraben free shampoo too, so I can service my clients with extensions or clients who have had keratin or straightening treatments. One of my favourite things about Inebrya is that the colour range is not only the best I have worked with, but it is PPD free and also has an Ammonia free range so that makes it easier to provide healthier colour services to my clients. Get inspired and follow @tomicahair_beauty. BALAYAGED “Very pleasant to have in the salon with the amazing aromas” BLEACHED TEXTURED PONY My top 6 Tomica’s top 6 feature items reclaim the power of true hair care and are available online or in-stores. 1 2 3 4 5 6 1. Keratin Bi-Phase Conditioner 200ml $9.47 N6070 2. Bleaching Cream Blue 500g $27.95 N6186 3. Style-in Illuminator Glossing Spray 150ml $11.75 N21033 4. Dry-T Fluid Star Liquid Crystals 60ml $9.48 N6302 5. Moisture Gentle Shampoo 1000ml $17.47 N6792 6. Dry-T Mask 1000ml $14.97 N20951 16 SHOP 24/7 ONLINE AMR.COM.AU

50% OFF Selected items across Byotea The ultimate essentials to flatter skin from head to toe. Visit our website for our full collection of reduced products. 1 2 3 4 5 1. ESSENTIAL OILS: Lipodraining 100ml $5.00 BY221, Anti-Fatigue 100ml $5.00 BY223, Relaxing 100ml $5.00 BY224 and Toning 100ml $5.00 BY222 2. CELLULITE: Slimming Mud Caffeine & Green Clay 1Ltr $21.95 BY264 and Intensive Cellulite Cream Caffeine And Guarana 200ml $14.95 BY269 3. BODY MASSAGE OILS: Coconut Oil & Wheat Germ Neutral 500ml $5.00 BY201, 1Ltr $10.00 BY202, 5Ltr $88.95 BY203, Argan Oil & Coconut Oil 500ml $15.95 BY207, Sweet Almond Oil & Coconut Oil 1Ltr $22.95 BY205, 5Ltr $88.95 BY206 and Mix of Botanical Oils 1Ltr $10.00 BY208 4. TONING: Intensive Toning Serum Ginseng And Black Pepper 100ml $15.95 BY281 and Elasticizing Anti-Stretchmark Cream 200ml $19.95 BY283 5. BODY MASSAGE CREAMS: Coconut Oil & Marine Algae Neutral 500ml $15.95 BY241, 1Ltr $22.95 BY242 and Neutral Body Massage Cream Fragrance Free 1Ltr $19.95 BY243 1300 789 913 17