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12042018 - HERDSMEN/FARMERS’ CLASHES: Blame Gaddafi, irresponsible politicians — BUHARI


18 Vanguard, THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2018 THE anti-corruption agenda of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari has been reduced to an object of ridicule. This is very unfortunate and regrettable. The nation had hoped that this top priority of the regime would be driven to a logical conclusion by Buhari, who rode to power three years ago as an incorruptible knight in shining armour. The APC Federal Government has focused great attention on sustaining the tag of corruption on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which it dethroned from power in 2015. PDP ruled Nigeria for 16 years and left behind its share of the good, the bad and the ugly. But, typical of politicians, when the party lost power, a large tranche of its leaders and beneficiaries flocked to the new ruling APC. Many of these people Stop politicising anti-graft effort occupied ministerial, governorship and other forms of elective and appointive positions. Some of them are still facing corruption charges or were indicted by the anti-graft agencies. Yet, when the Federal Government, through the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, finally took the bait and unveiled what it called a list of “looters”, it contained only names of politicians who are still in the PDP. Totally excluded from the list were names of scores of APC stalwarts who decamped from the PDP, including those facing corruption charges. It also excluded the leaders in the core APC legacy political parties who are also facing corruption charges or were indicted for allegedly looting their states’ treasuries and funding the emergence of the new ruling party. Not to be outdone; the PDP also published the names of alleged APC “corrupt” leaders, including those who decamped from their party. In the process of these politically-motivated exchanges, the stigma of corruption, which is chiefly responsible for Nigeria’s backwardness, has been demystified on the altar of politicisation. The APC Federal Government created this problem from Day One by its discriminatory pursuit of the anti-graft war, focusing only on recovery of alleged looted funds from current PDP members who occupied offices under the former President Jonathan regime. When the long-expected “looters’ list” came out, it left out APC members. We agree with the Head of Transparency in Nigeria (TI), Mr Awwal Rafsanjani, that the publication of a partial list by the Federal Government was a political blunder which did great disservice to the anti-graft war. Most of these cases are sub-judice and liable to be further mired interminably by so many libel suits. Genuine offenders may escape justice. By commission or omission, the Federal Government has almost derailed its anti-graft war. It is not too late for the Federal Government to amend the list and ensure that all indicted offenders are exposed, irrespective of their current political leanings. By Ekanpou Enewaridideke OVER the years variegated theories have been created and bandied about Pele the rare prodigy of erudition, Pele the hysterical lover of Pelecentric image-mangling narratives on prominent sons and daughters of Ijaw – theories ideated to give believable verdict on the anatomy of this young man who serially sees himself as a loose cannon deliriously inspired to change the known narratives on personalities like Isaac Boro, Feke, Tompolo, Ezaigba and many others, all in a dedicated pursuit of his pathological iconoclastic vision of society. One of these numerous theories sees Pele as the Acetylcholinesterase in human interactions – constantly at war with accetylcholine and neuro-transmitter - as he perpetually glories in the blockage of any artery or tract for the flow of progressive ideals and development and positions himself firmly as the catalyst for the flow of negative stories/ narratives on personalities and society, excited by the prospect of coronation as a destroyer of light. The second theory on Pele, whose legal knowledge is hardly weighted in his narratives in the social media, sees him as the incarnation of hydrolysis in progressive human relations and cohesion as his recognizable auric vibration thrives best in the relentless composition of hysterical propaganda pretentiously packaged as a merchandise for the transformation of a benighted society. This is why Pele’s dance of iconoclasm against personalities seen as the beacon in the Niger Delta knows no hiatus or recess. He possesses an imaginative power phenomenal in the creation of negative narratives about personalities seen majorly as ethical guides and bringer of human development. The third theory on Pele sees him as a man whose mind is a subject of congenital progressive decomposition, making him inexorably obsessional with the production of image-battering literatures on known personalities. This is one of the most revealing OPINION That Pele we know theories on Pele which lays bare his anatomy. This is the theory majority of his own Ayakoromo people hold unto in their interactions with him. For the believers of this theory they are not stung by the irrational verbal sting of Pele because it is stereotypical of him. This explains why the majority of Ayakoromo people in Burutu Local Government of Delta State are not perturbed by any narrative on personalities hysterically created by him because they are always at home with his pathology, predisposition, obsession and absurdist dance of iconoclasm. It is about this Pele whose behavioural tendencies lend credence to every theory Since the NMU is billed to take off, Pele has to device other cunning mechanism to kill Tompolo’s image, pushing forward the tag of nepotism in a university controlled by constituted authorities propounded about him the 21st Century Youths and agitators with conscience unknowingly dignified in the Vanguard of April 3 2018 through their publication ’Militants Carpet Tompolo’s Kinsmen over Allegation of Nepotism.’ The subject of this publication was that Demebide Pele had serially created an irrational evidence-starved narrative that Tompolo had hijacked contractual and employment opportunities in the Nigeria Maritime University, Okerenkoko. Some militants warned and advised Pele to desist from peddling this narrative without substance about Tompolo. A man declared wanted by the Federal Government over politically motivated allegations whose whereabouts nobody knows now controls contractual and employment spaces when he is neither the vicechancellor nor the Chairman of the Governing Council of the Nigeria Maritime University, Okerenkoko? Is this not the stereotypical voyage of a loose cannon deliriously excited by his own stream of verbal junk released? The militants who advised Pele to desist from his image-battering narrative on Tompolo misfired because giving Pele vast space to vomit his predicable verbal inanities is the only medication for his congenital incurable verbal schizophrenia. Pele’s verbal schizophrenia only retreats after he has maximized the granted vast space to clear his mind clogged and glutted with verbal junk. The militant would not have erred and dignified him with advice if they had known the third theory on Pele held by a majority of his own Ayakoromo people – which is a potent neutralizer as potent as the guitar-playing medication for King Saul whenever the demonic visitation featured. However, even Chief Hon. Angozi Braduce chronically misfired in his interpretation of the third theory on Pele. Some years ago, Pele was everywhere boasting that he would deploy his legal power to jail Chief Hon. Braduce when he became a Barrister. His boast came while he was still a law student when he was arrested by Chief Braduce and kept in the cell for sometime for verbal recklessness. Eventually released, he threatened to pursue the matter and jail Braduce on the day he was called to the Bar. Pele has been called to the Bar but Hon. Braduce, the one-time Burutu Council Chairman and Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Delta State, is everywhere walking - free. Where is Barrister Pele and his empty threats of imprisonment? Hon. Braduce would not have arrested Pele if he had been aware of the third theory on Pele which has become everybody’s guide as a potent medication. If it were in ancient times in our villages when beautifully carved images of gods worshipped were routinely stolen and sold to whitemen or pulverized in defence of godliness, Pele would have been a genius at either the Theft or pulverization of these images because he is obsessed with the mangling of beautiful images carved either by God or man for the enhancement of the environment of man’s habitation. That Pele hysterically authors liecoated narratives on Tompolo and others is a demonstration of the iconoclast in him. This implacable lover of image-mangling narratives on targeted personalities called Pele has often been invisibly part of the instigation drama that led to the politically motivated hunting of Tompolo. Pele was too financially incapacitated to hog the pages of national dailies like the other besotted dancers in reinforcement of the calculated instigation against Tompolo. His contribution to the instigation drama was on the social media calling for the prosecution of Tompolo. He was not seen on the pages of Newspapers because he had no resources to do it. It was not even his vision that the Nigeria Maritime University, Okerenkoko, should ever take off. He would be only too glad if cancelling the NMU is part of the plan to hunt down Tompolo and his emancipation message. Since the NMU is billed to take off, Pele has to device other cunning mechanism to kill Tompolo’s image, pushing forward the tag of nepotism in a university controlled by constituted authorities. This is the peak of Pele’s vindictive dance of verbal schizophrenia systematically targeted to instigate Tompolo against the authorities of governance. Continues tomorrow Mr.Enewaridideke, a public affairs commentator wrote from Akparemogbene, Delta State.

Confusion as SEC, Stock Exchange clash over Oando shares By Nkiruka Nnorom & Prince Okafor THERE was confusion yesterday among the stockbrokers following conflicting signals from capital market authorities on the status of trading in the shares of Oando Plc. Vanguard learnt that the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, had issued a directive that the technical suspension on the shares of Oando be lifted three days ago to the effect that the regular price movements resume on the shares by yesterday. But stockbrokers told Vanguard that they were stopped by the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE, from effecting the directive mid-way into trading, indicating that the Exchange had reversed its earlier position on the lifting of the suspension. A letter indicating the NSE’s earlier position showed that the NSE had notified Ayotola Jagun, the company’s secretary, of the resumption of normal trading activities on Oando’s shares. The letter signed by Tinuade Awe, NSE executive director, regulations, reads: “We refer to all prior communication regarding the technical suspension of trading in the shares of Oando Plc (Oando) implemented on the directive of the Securities and Exchange Commission (commission) on 23 October 2017.” “Please be informed that further to a 9 April 2018 directive of the commission, the Exchange lifted the technical suspension placed on Oando’s shares after the close of trading today, 10 April 2018. “Consequently, there will be no impediment to price movement in the shares of Oando when the market opens for trading tomorrow, CURRENCY BUYING SELLING US DOLLAR POUNDS EURO FRANC YEN CFA WAUA RENMINBI RIYAL SDR DANISH RAND $117.75 0.15 $2,549.00 60.00 $12.18 0.05 $72.24 1.20 $66.97 1.46 304.55 305.5 305.55 431.456 432.1643 432.8727 377.0329 377.6519 378.2709 317.9683 318.4903 319.0123 2.8511 2.8557 2.8604 0.5548 0.5648 0.5748 441.9755 442.7011 443.4267 48.4465 48.5265 48.6065 81.2068 81.3535 81.4868 441.0913 50.2441 441.8153 50.3266 442.5394 50.4091 25.1434 25.1847 25.226 CBN Exchange rate as at 11/04/2018 11 April 2018.” Market sources, however, confirmed that the shares of Oando Plc remain suspended, though no further reason was given for the continuous placing of the company shares on technical suspension. They described the contradictory display by SEC and NSE as unfortunate, noting that this underscored the vested interests that have dogged the Oando investigation. A market source said both NSE and SEC owe the investing public explanation on what he described as a mockery of the integrity of the market. A source at SEC said that a directive earlier came from SEC that technical suspension should be lifted. The source stated that the Commission is not aware of any other directive to the contrary. However, Mr. Bagudu Waziri, Head, Corporate Communication, SEC, said that he is awaiting Vanguard, THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2018 19 Average prices for petrol, others drop in March NBS directive from the Acting DG, Mr. Abdul Zubair, to comment on the issues. According to him, “the Commission will issue an official statement concerning the Oando suspension” but no response was received from SEC as at the time this report was filed. An update on Bloomberg’s page on Oando Plc showed that the shares moved up by 5.18 percent to N6.30 from N5.99 around 10.34am yesterday. But after the counter-position from NSE the price was reverted to N5.99. From left: Head Research & Strategy Management Department, National Pension Commission, Dr. Farouk Aminu; Acting Director, Aisha Dahir-Umar; Company Secretary/Legal Adviser, Mohammed Sani and Head, Corporate Communications Department, Peter Aghahowa at a media parley in Abuja. FIRS, EFCC partner to track tax defaulters THE Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) are to deepen and strengthen their collaboration to track both individuals and organisations who refuse to pay the right taxes. During a courtesy visit to the EFCC headquarters in Abuja, yesterday, Executive Chairman of FIRS, Tunde Fowler, said the partnership will beam searchlights on defaulting taxpayers who also refused to rely on the Federal Government’s tax amnesty programme, Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS), to offset their tax liabilities. He said Nigeria, just like other countries across the world, is looking inwards to raise the economic base and would not tolerate tax defaulters. Already, the FIRS-EFCC partnership has led to the recovery of the sum of N29 billion from withholding tax from banks and other financial institutions in the country between November 2017 and March 2018. Fowler said: “There are some issues of non-remittance of withholding tax, Value Added Tax (VAT) and Personal Income Tax. The EFCC has shown support before. When tax defaulters are invited to your office (EFCC), we see result. I don’t know how you do it but we see result. Recently, two banks came forward to comply on their own. I think that they must have heard words. We want joint assistance with EFCC, especially now that VAIDS is over, to make sure that all tax defaulters get the lawful treatment. “I want to let every taxable person in Nigeria know that we are ready to deploy all powers within our disposal to ensure that every tax defaulter is punished according to the law.” Acting Chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, said the Commission is ready to do more to bring culprits to book. “People are in a hurry to collect taxes but are reluctant to remit them. By Elizabeth Adegbesan THE National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), yesterday, said the average prices paid by consumers for Premium Motor Spirit (petrol), Kerosene, Liquefied petroleum gas (cooking gas) and Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) dropped in March by 5.3 percent to N163.4 from N172.5 in February 2018 while price for Kerosene decreased by 6.79 percent to N269 in March from N288.57 in February 2018. Average price paid for refilling a 5 kilogramme cylinder of cooking gas declined by 3.03 percent to N2,091 from N2, 156 paid in February while price paid for diesel dropped by 1.65 percent to N206.4 in March from N210 average paid in February. In the report titled, ‘Price Watch’ for Premium Motor Spirit (petrol), National Household Kerosene, Liquefied petroleum gas (cooking gas) and Automotive Gas Oil (diesel), NBS stated: “Average price paid by consumers for petrol increased by 9.4 percent year-onyear (YoY) and 5.3 percent monthon-month (MoM) to N163.4 in March 2018 from N172.5 in February 2018. States with the highest average price of petrol were Taraba (N184.38), Jigawa (N180.93) and Ekiti (N173.89), while States with the lowest average price of petrol were Kaduna (N147.29), Bauchi (N145.57) and Abuja (N145). On kerosene, the report noted: “Average price per litre paid by consumers for Kerosene decreased by 6.79 percent MoM and 13.66 percent YoY to N269 in March 2018 from N288.57 in February 2018. States with the highest average price per litre of kerosene were Nasarawa (N306.07), Yobe (N300.78) and Cross River (N300.68). States with the lowest average price per litre of kerosene were Abia (N229.35), Delta (N227.77) and Borno (N225.13). The report on cooking gas stated: “Average price for the refilling of a 5kg cylinder for cooking gas decreased by 3.03 percent MoM and decreased by 16.16 percent YoY to N2,091 in March 2018 from N2, 156 in February 2018. States with the highest average price for the refilling of a 5kg cylinder for Liquefied cooking gas were Borno (N2487.50), Yobe (N2500) and Bauchi (N2400). States with the lowest average price for the refilling of a 5kg cylinder for cooking Gas were Abuja (N1,760.00), Ebonyi (N1,870) and Ekiti (N1,895).” El-Rufai tasks private investors on agro-allied industry By Adaeze Okechukwu GOVERNOR of Kaduna State, Mallam Nazir El- Rufai, has called on prospective investors to explore the untapped opportunities in the agro-allied industry. He made this call during the commissioning of the Mahindra Tractors Assembly Plant in Kaduna. The plant is a joint investment of the Springfield Agro Ltd and Ramindra Tractors Manufacturing Corporation of India. The governor stressed the need for increased collaboration between government and the private sector to foster the development of agro-allied industrial sector. He stated: “The project would improve Nigeria’s economy especially the agro-allied and industrial sectors. This will also promote employment creation as well as the continued expansion of the food sustenance of the nation. To this end, I urge other teeming prospective investors to genuinely explore the state’s numerous opportunities to actualize an improved secured nation and a vibrant economy.”