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APAC Mammography


Mammography Market expected to grow in the Asia Pacific due to rising incidences of cancer Overview Mammography or mastography is the technique of the examination of the human breast diagnosis and screening. Mammography is performed by using X rays of low energy of around 30kVp. The primary goal of mammography is the early detection of ailments such as breast cancer, which is typically detected on the diagnosis of microcalcifications or characteristic masses. Mammograms also employ the use of ionizing radiation like in any other x-ray diagnosis. Ultrasound is further used for the further analysis of masses found on mammography or the palpable masses which were not visible on mammograms. When the mammogram is nondiagnostic, ductograms are still used in their place for the evaluation of bloody nipple discharge. MRI can also be used for the further evaluation and screening of questionable findings. View sample and decide: Market Underlying Factors The major factors driving the growth of the market in the Asia Pacific include the increasing demand for Mammography owing to increasing awareness of their availability and impact on early detection of cancer, rising demand from the patient side for as well as doctors for Mammography to cater to this increasing demand. The rise in disposable incomes of the populace, increasing in the number of cancer cases and the increasing awareness has led doctors and patients to increasingly rely on Mammography. To know more read: Geographical Segmentation

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