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Project Management Consulting

Is the status of your

Is the status of your Project keeping you awake at night? At PM Academy, our experienced consultants can conduct assessments on your company’s project management maturity and offer solutions where there are gaps. Project office implementation is one of our specialities, together with project assurance. PM Academy has the core competencies to facilitate & administer your Projects within the organizations allocated resources to accomplish desired results & objectives. Our expert Programme & Project Management Professionals ascertain & report on the status of your Programmes & Projects. Our services include: ‣Project Health Check:A snapshot of the Programme & Project Management documents used ‣A snapshot of the Programme & Project Management documents used & A detailed analysis of the viability of the Programme or Project

The benefits include: ‣Practical solutions to improve the effectiveness of the Project Delivery Team ‣Improved Visibility on the progress of critical Paths & Projects ‣Clarification of roles, responsibilities & accountabilities within the Project Team ‣Independent & Comprehensive Review of the Project operations ‣Reduction in the time required for the end Project Review ‣A High Impact, hard hitting end of Project Review When conducting a Project Management Maturity Assessment, we follow our 5 step PPINSIGHT Methodology below:-

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