6 months ago

The ultimate guide to spring clean your home

Spring cleaning is a tedious task and is very easy to forgot to clean something. That's why we've made this ultimate checklist to guide you and help you.


The Ultimate Guide To SPRING CLEAN Your Home from Organise closets BEDROOMS BEDROOMS change winter clothes with spring/summer ones throw away old, worn clothes, donate these in good condition that you don't wear anymore Vacuum and rotate the mattress Disinfect kid's toys Wash bedding and pillows throw away the broken ones and donate these your kids do not like or do not play with organise all toys Clean, polish and organise your nightstands

LIVING ROOM LIVING ROOM The Ultimate Guide To SPRING CLEAN Your Home from Take anything that doesn't belong in the room and put it in the correct place Clean fireplace/air conditioner filters Dust electronics, also behind and around them Disinfect remote controls and gaming devises check their batteries and if needed, change them

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