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Catalogue Chamos Art Gala


16 Artists Andrés Landino My love for portrait photography started in the early eighties under the direction of Antonieta Muñoz. My first portrait commission came a couple of years later and I decided to embark on portraits as a career. During my studies in Journalism at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, analogue photography bewitched me and widened my senses taking my creativity to other levels. I sought to capture and display the essence of whom and what I was photographing. With time, I learned the use and magic of light, giving more depth and meaning to my work. I am currently based in London. Marianne Lerbs Lerbs grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and lives in Florida, USA. Her mother was a renowned art critic and her father encouraged her to pursue her art calling. With them she travelled all throughout Europe, South America and North America, visiting museums and galleries. Marianne graduated as graphic designer from the Instituto de Diseño Neumann. She has a long list of solo shows, art residences and public art commissions and has won several awards, including “Most Advanced Artist of Show” by Henry Flood Jr. director of Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art; and the inclusion in the “Encyclopaedia of Living Artists”, among other awards. Enrique Lobo Enrique Lobo was born in Mérida, Venezuela in 1958. He graduated as an Architect from the University of Los Andes (1985) and, between 1991 and 1994, he studied engraving at L’Espace Croix‐Baragnon in Toulouse, France. He currently lives in Palmira, Venezuela and works in different artistic expressions, such as painting, drawing, engraving, and sculpture. He has exhibited his work in galleries, museums, centres and art fairs nationally and internationally.

17 Anamaría López López was born in Cumaná, Venezuela and lived in Spain as a child, where she spent most of her time visiting museums and galleries with her father, which inspired her to paint. She is passionate about nature and works with unconventional tools and different textures, dimensions and colours that contribute to her contemporary abstract designs. Each work is bold and shows her emotion, with colours overlapping into one another. She encourages viewers by taking them into a world of ethereal beauty, where they can search their own meaning and make discoveries along the way. Rocío Magasrevi Magasrevi was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1973. In 1997 she did her first studies in drawing at the studio of José Gelhder and in 1999 she began to explore painting with oils and acrylic. In 2003, after perfecting her oil paint technique, she founded her studio, together with other fellow artists, joined art collective exhibits and began selling her work. From 2009 to 2014 Magasrevy studied under artist Enrique Etievan. Her work is part of private collections in Venezuela, USA, Panama and Spain. She currently works in her studio in Caracas. Cipriano Martínez Martínez was born in 1965 in Caracas, Venezuela. He has an MA from Chelsea College of Arts & Design, London (1999) as well as an MA from UPEL, Caracas (1998) and a Degree in Arts from Instituto Armando Reverón, Caracas (1996). He studied Civil Engineering at the UCV, Caracas (1989). He received a Special Mention of the Jury at the Mendoza Award 2003, Caracas and a Special Distinction at the “II Bienal Nacional del Paisaje” Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Mario Abreu, Maracay, Venezuela (1998). Martínez’s work has been in solo and group exhibits in Venezuela, UK, Spain, and Colombia. Juan Mateus Juan Mateus is a London based Colombian artist who works with photography, mixed media and found objects. He currently studies Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins (UAL). Look at #me is a comment on narcissism and our obsession with the way in which we portray ourselves and create online social media personas, which do not always necessarily represent reality.

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