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Catalogue Chamos Art Gala


24 Artists Roberto Matta Roberto Matta (Chile 1911‐2002) “… was an international figure whose worldview represented a synthesis of European, American, and Latin American cultures. As a member of the Surrealist movement and an early mentor to several Abstract Expressionists, Matta broke with both groups to pursue a highly personal artistic vision. His mature work blended abstraction, figuration, and multi‐dimensional spaces into complex, cosmic landscapes. Matta’s long and prolific career was defined by a strong social conscience and an intense exploration of his internal and external worlds”. (Modern Art Insight) Gabriela Medina Gabriela Medina is a creative photographer specialized in international corporate image. Freelance since 1982, she has worked directly for top clients and the best advertising agencies all over the world. Living in Paris since 2011, she is now capturing the essence of the “City of Light”, through the emotions of its inhabitants. Taking time to compile and edit her extended image bank, Gabriela is aiming for a more personal work. In 2014 she received the Gold Medal of Professional Merit by the “Foro Europa 2011” in Madrid. Manuel Mérida Mérida is a Venezuelan contemporary painter and sculptor born in 1939, based in Paris. Mérida studied painting and sculpture at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas Arturo Michelena under the tutelage of Braulio Salazar and Claudio Mimo. From 1968 to 1973 he lived in Europe, where he befriended Carlos Cruz‐Diez and collaborated in his studio for two years. Back in Venezuela in 1973 he began to integrate concepts of space and movement into his work. His artistic work develops alongside his work as a set decorator for movies and television, where he has collaborated with Luis Armando Roche, Néstor Rodríguez Lamelas and Max Douy. Mérida’s work is part of the permanent collections of several museums around the world. Patricia Michelangeli Patricia was born in Caracas in 1977. She studied art in the School of Visual Arts Cristobal Rojas in Caracas. She is recognisable for her vividly coloured style in abstract art. She has exhibited her work in Caracas, Maturin and Miami.

25 Rodolfo Minunboc Rodolfo Minumboc was a Venezuelan painter and sculptor (1933‐1988). He lived in Rome from 1963, where he studied architecture and art history. His work is known for a predominance of white with bursts of silver, gold and grey, which induce sculptoric sensations, with somewhat kinetic and spatial influences. Gustavo Muci My artistic work does not pursue definition, location, or concept. It pursues liberty through the conjugation and ludic exploration of colour, shapes, textures, lines and dots as mediums for the expression of the most intimate emotions and sensations. It is nurtured by the sea, marine life, the sky, clouds, space and the movement that exists in each of them. It intends to be the result of the union between the mind and the soul, which fly and express themselves together, so the creative spirit can flow as it wishes, opening the way for the enjoyment of life - of existence in freedom, freedom that is captured in each canvas, in each creative event.ía Isabela Muci From an early age I dove headlong into a variety of artistic pursuits in order to free myself from my surroundings. My journey began with painting and progressed to pottery, music, and sculpture before returning to my true passion: painting. I feel the need for an intimate dialog with my work in order to bring about personal transformation through the creative process, which is an aesthetic exploration of recycled and often earthy foundations layered with hints of classical figure drawings. This layering process is achieved with a playful painting approach and it is my personal way of searching for beauty in the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Leonardo Nierman Leonardo Nierman is a Mexican artist born in 1932 and mostly known for his painting and sculpture. His work is abstract but still with discernible images from nature such as birds, water, lightning and more. His paintings are in pure colours while his sculptures are generally of metal, often silver-toned. Nierman has had exhibitions in Mexico and abroad and over sixty recognitions of his work, half of which are from outside Mexico.

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