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Catalogue Chamos Art Gala


26 Artists Ángel Roberto Núñez I may say that I “inherited” my interest in art from my daughter Cristina. My education was always scientific and not humanistic; however, at my 64 years of age I have lived lots of experiences that have taken me to the most beautiful places where it would be impossible to keep the visual sensibility silent. I have now found an activity that allows me to share with my daughter, where she represents experience and I represent adolescence. There is no greater inspiration than disobeying her advice and doing mischief endorsed by the arbitrariness that characterizes creativity. I do not know what gives me more pleasure, finishing an art project or sharing the studio with my daughter. Alejandro O’Daly As a hobbyist in art, I try to do things that I enjoy. I seek to create and turn feelings, emotions, memories or what I see in the agitated day to day of any person into an artwork. I love to think of different ways to express myself through art, therefore I don’t follow any specific technique although I try to use my Civil Engineer background. I have had for years the basic need to create and in this moment of my life, after many years designing in my head, I have found the time to express myself. Pablo O’Higgins Pablo (Paul) O’Higgins was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1924 he left for Mexico where he became Rivera’s assistant on the murals at the National School of Agriculture in Chapingo and at the Ministry of Education in Mexico City. O’Higgins painted his first mural in 1933 at the Emiliano Zapata School. Throughout his career he continued to paint murals on public buildings in both Mexico and the United States. His most notable work is probably the pre-Hispanic themed mural at the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City (1963‐4).

27 Esther Ojeda Esther is a Venezuelan artist who lives and works in Paris since 1968. In both canvas and painting on silk, Ojeda has integrated her search of colour and abstraction to leave a range of sweet textures, caressed by the delicacy and the acquired perfection through the Arturo Michelena Plastic Arts School, l’Ecole du Louvre and the Atelier Technique Kniasseff of Paris, where the master Kniasseff taught her about decoration on silk and the manufacture of inks, which she ably produces and captures. Armando Pérez Armando was born in Venezuela in 1936 and moved to Paris, France with his family in 1968. Armando travels frequently to Venezuela where he has made a name for himself as a world class muralist and a beloved artist in galleries and museums. Armando’s symbolism tendencies have brought him notoriety in the art world as an expert in his field. Luz Pérez Ojeda Luz was born in Venezuela in 1966 and lives in France since 1968. Both her parents are Venezuelan artists from whom she learnt the art of painting. Luz worked for over 10 years as assistant to kinetic master Carlos Cruz-Diez and with Del Arco, fine art serigraphy printers, in Paris. She works with mixed media: paint, collages, digital photography, using her own photographs and paintings, as well as doing collaborative work with other photographers. She is represented by Galerie Montmartre Paris. Ernesto Pesce Pesce is an Argentinian plastic artist and teacher. His extensive career is mirrored in the presence of his work in numerous museums and collections across three continents. His monumental murals embellish public spaces in Argentina and Germany. Pesce has been awarded with important national and international prizes such as the Great National Prizes of Drawing (1977) and Engraving (1980) and the Prize of Engraving “Manuel Belgrano” (1981), the highest recognition granted by the City of Buenos Aires.

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