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Catalogue Chamos Art Gala


4 Artists Daniel Acuña Acuña’s work is set between Western and far‐Eastern philosophies and feeds from the friction that emerges from their most irreconcilable differences. He approaches drawing as scenery for reflection upon death and change, while dealing with the disturbances that arise from both resistance and acceptance of such terrifying yet beautiful phenomena. Enriqueta Ahrensburg Enriqueta Ahrensburg was born in Paris and lived in Venezuela. At 16 she returned to Paris and studied at the Port Royal Academy. She graduated in Fine Arts at the Armando Reverón University. Ahrensburg won the prestigious “Arturo Michelena” award. She has exhibited many times around the world. Her paintings show a mastery of colour and light. She currently works in London. Nani Cárdenas Cárdenas graduated Valedictorian from the School of Arts at PUCP in 1993 with the award for best sculpture. She studied drawing and sculpture in the workshop of Cristina Gálvez (1986‐1987). Her latest individual exhibits include: Jardín Nocturno in CEDE Galería (Lima, 2017); Cartografías del Naufragio in the SLMQG and Cartografías del Naufragio II in Cecilia González Galería (Lima, 2015), Picnic en Wire Messe (Düsseldorf, 2010). She has also participated in several collectives and national and international art fairs in Lima, Santiago de Chile, NYC, Bogota, and La Paz, among others. She has published: Nubes (2011), Picnic (2010), Cuaderno de dibujo (2009) and Cromoterapia (2008). Gloria Ceballos Gloria Ceballos lives and works in London, UK. She has an MA Printmaking from the Royal College of Art, London, a BA (Honours) in Visual Arts from Camberwell College of Arts, London and a BA in Interior Design from IADE University, Madrid. Gloria has been the Artist in Residence at North London Collegiate School, London; Atelierhaus Beisinghoff, Germany and ValdelArte, Centre for Art & Nature, Spain, among others. She was finalist for Sustain RCA award, Royal College of Art, London and was shortlisted for the IX competition “Gran Canaria de Series de Obra Gráfica” in 2013.

5 Saint Clair Cemin Saint Clair Cemin was born in Brazil in 1951. He lives and works between New York City and Beijing. His work encompasses multiple styles, approaches, and materials, from neosurrealism to furniture to toys in popular culture to the history of sculpture. Some of his works are on permanent exhibitions at important institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Carlos Cruz‐Diez Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of the fathers of kinetic art, has spent his life as a passionate painter. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1923, and at 17 he enrolled at the School of Fine Art, Caracas. As an academic painter Cruz‐Diez was very successful but he wanted to change his trajectory and chose the relatively unexplored path of colour as his focus. In 1955 he moved to Europe (Barcelona and Paris, mainly) where artists were creating the kinetic art movement. 1961 signalled his arrival to the European stage when he took part in ‘Bewogen Beweging’, the first major exhibition on kinetic art, at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and his first solo exhibition in Paris was at the Galerie Kerchache in 1965. Gradually Cruz‐Diez developed his discourse; that of colour in space, devoid of form. His canvases reflect the ever-changing, ephemeral and mobile nature of colour with the use of lines, as the most efficient tool; devoid of symbolism and leaving only colour without anecdote. Over a period of almost seven decades of research, refinement and discovery, Cruz-Diez has never strayed from his original discourse. He is still amazed with life, passionate about his work and has a childlike enthusiasm that is utterly contagious. To date Cruz‐Diez has featured in 1,180 collective exhibitions, 286 solo exhibitions, has constructed 142 architectural works, received 70 awards, created 65 ephemeral events and has works on display in the permanent collection of 62 museums. All of which happens on a global scale - some 18 countries and counting. Luigi Cuchillo Luigi Cuchillo was born in 1984 in Caracas, Venezuela and lives in Madrid, Spain where he explores identity through collage, sculpture, writing, painting and design. Cuchillo believes that words are like knives and that we are constantly throwing knives at each other to communicate. Some are dull and bounce off. Others are sharp and cut deep into our souls. Some, we can never remove. Cuchillo paints knives to communicate his feelings. He believes that South Americans are well represented by knives as in the South people live closer lives. If you want to attack someone with a knife you need to be close to them. @luigi.cuchillo

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