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AFPL Newsletter


AFPL NEWSLETTER CENTRIFUGAL CASTING NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2017 We have successfully completed 3 years & feel proud to share our important milestones with you through this Newsletter August 2017. Capacity Expansion • Our Customers were looking for Quality Castings. To match their requirement of wide range of different sizes & weights, we have decided to increase our current capacities. Acquired additional space for our production facility & now the combined area is approx. 15000 sq. ft. in total. Our pouring capacities are multiplied due to installation of new 3Ton Furnace. This is apart from the existing furnaces of 125kgs, 250kgs, 450kgs & 1500kgs. Now our total Annual capacity becomes 600 Tons. About Aneya Foundries AFPL is a leading manufacturer of Non Ferrous Centrifugal Castings (NFCC) established in 2013 at Vasai, Maharashtra (around 40kms from Mumbai airport). AFPL is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007 certified as well as duly approved by Class IRS & Class LRS.. We manufacture castings up to 1200mm DIA & 3600mm length. We also completed Installation of new Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine in Which we can do castings of DiA 1500mm & 1000mm length. The required Inspections & Testing's are done under one roof. We already have facilities like Spectrometer (German Make), Universal Testing Machine, Hardness Tester etc. along with a full fledged Laboratory for doing wet analysis. We can also carry out inspections such as Radiography Tests (RT from third party Authorized Agencies) & tests such as Hydro tests on demand. New CNC machining center is now operational. Apart from this, we have capacity to do machining of bigger castings of DIA 800mm x length 3500mm in our conventional machining center. In This Issue About Aneya Foundries Capacity Expansion Centrifugal Casting Grades Approvals Prime Deliveries Shipbuilding Prime Deliveries Others Orders under Production Client needs