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Budget Friendly Destinations for This Summer Holidays

The swimming classes, skating training, crash courses are what one always enjoys throughout this high-temperature season. But for a change in the routine of both the children and the parents, this summer one can have a trip to abroad within a low budget. Blog:

2. United Arab Emirates

2. United Arab Emirates (UAE) Just three to four hours of air travel can land you in one of the most developed countries which we call as UAE. Dubai in UAE is the most precious tourist jewel. The air ticket generally starts from INR 15,000 which varies according to different times of the year. The stay at Dubai cost approximately INR 2000/ night. One can have food in Dubai at all the ranges. One can have budget friendly meals or can have the most expensive ones with a royal treatment too. One can plan a Dubai trip within INR 50,000 per head. 3. Malaysia In climatic perspective, Malaysia may be the best destination to visit this summer. The turquoise waters, stunning beaches and pleasant climate are always appealing when you are a traveler from a tropical country. Malaysia is one of the major tourist hubs in Asia. The round ticket to Malaysia costs around INR 20,000 for a person. Here you can get the cheapest guest houses or dormitory rooms in Kuala Lumpur starting for as low as INR 300 per night. There are many tourists spots which you can visit on a Malaysian trip. Some of these are- Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Pangkor, Redang Island, Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary, Chinatown Trishaw night tour. An average cost of INR 40,000 is fair enough for a person. 4. Singapore Singapore is a small Asian country which is famous for its colourful culture. The air ticket to this country comes somewhere within INR 11,000 to INR 20,000. One can stay here is traveller hostels which offers night stay at INR 600 onwards or one can go for a decent hotel for almost INR 2000/per night. The average food expense for one meal here is INR 500. The most famous tourist spots are Underwater world, Dolphin Lagoon, National Museum of Singapore etc. But the most exciting one is the day excursions or Singapore cruises which one should never miss. The travel expense for 4 Days and 3 Nights at Singapore costs around INR 42,000 per head. These all four travel destinations beyond the boundaries are below INR 45,000 which is affordable for many of us. If you find yourself in a short of some amount you can have many options to fund it. One can use a credit card, loan against security or an unsecured travel loan too.

A credit card expense comes costlier than any other kind of loans if you can not pay the credited amount in that same month. One can avail a secured loan if he has any such valuables to use as collateral. If not so, one can easily avail personal loan which is faster, secure and hassle-free. There are many reasons which make a personal loan the best option to finance a travel. One can apply for a personal loan online too which is better known as online loans. Such personal loans can be applied without any physical documents. The repayment of a personal loan can be done in easy EMIs which minimize the burden of repaying it all together which happens in case of a credit card loans. If you are thinking that you are too late to plan for the trip then you are wrong. If you apply for a loan today, the amount will be credited to your bank account within 72 hours. So book your tickets, pack your backpack and set out for a stunning summer holiday at abroad.

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