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2018 Southfield Lifestyle

The Southfield Lifestyle is the premier community resource guide for Southfield and Lathrup Village Michigan. Based on information content, not articles, Lifestyle provides all the information you need to navigate the Greater Southfield area. It's easy to use format also lends itself to being the locally focused visitors guide and relocation guide for Greater Southfield.

What to Plant, When and

What to Plant, When and How Native shrubs and trees have a definite advantage when it comes to growing conditions as they have stood the “test of time,” surviving problems related to insects, disease, and various weather conditions. Here are a few species native to Michigan. Deciduous Shrubs (Loose their leaves each fall) • Shrub Dogwood • Ninebark • Spicebush • Common Elderberry • Highbush Cranberry Deciduous Trees • Maple • Oak • Hornbeam • Kentucky Coffee Tree • Tamarack • Hophornbeam • Basswood • Blackgum • Hickory Evergreen Trees (Needles remain all year.) • Eastern Red Cedar • Eastern White Pine • Hackberry Planting Tips • Spring and fall are both great seasons for planting. • Dig a hole as deep as the root ball and twice as wide. • Don’t mix added types of soil like sand, peat, top soil fill as it creates a false environment and doesn’t encourage outward growth of the roots and creates drainage problems when watering different kinds. • Apply mulch correctly Incorrect Mulching Correct Mulching Applying Mulch • Spread mulch under trees, shrubs, and throughout planting beds to a recommended depth of 3-4 inches for medium to course-textured materials. • Pull mulch away from bases of trees and shrub trunks creating a donut-hole. Do not pile it up against the trunk (volcano mulching). Excessive mulch on the trunk causes moisture to build up, creating ideal conditions for insect pests, diseases, and decay. • Ideally, the mulched area around the tree should extend to the drip line of the branches, or at least cover a 4-5 foot diameter around the trunk. The larger the mulched area, the more beneficial. • Check the mulch depth annually and replenish as necessary. 34 Lifestyle ~ 2018

Civics U.S. Officials President Donald J. Trump (R) Vice President Mike Pence (R) The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20500 Comments: (202) 456-1111 Switchboard: (202) 456-1414 U.S. Senators gary Peters (D) Washington: (202) 224-6221 Local: (248) 273-4227 Debbie Stabenow (D) Washington: (202) 224-4822 Local: (313) 961-4330 U.S. Representative (14th District) Farmington Hills, Keego Harbor, Lathrup Village, Oak Park, Orchard Lake, Pontiac, Royal Oak Twp., Southfield, Sylvan Lake, part of West Bloomfield, part of Detroit, Grosse Pte and the Farms, Park Shores and Woods, Hamtramack, and Harper Woods. Brenda Lawrence (D) Washington: (202) 224-3121 Southfield: (248) 356-2052 State Officials governor: Rick Snyder (R) P.O. Box 30013 Lansing 48909 (517) 373-3400 Lt. governor: Brian Calley (R) (517) 373-6800 Secretary of State:Ruth Johnson(R) (517) 373-2510 Treasurer: R. Kevin Clinton (517) 373-3223 Attorney general: Bill Schuette (R) (517) 373-1110 State Senator P.O. Box 30036 Lansing 48909 11th District - Farmington, Farmington Hills, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Lathrup Village, Madison Heights, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak Township, Southfield Vincent gregory (D) (517) 373-7888 • State Representatives 35th District – Lathrup Village, Southfield, Southfield Village Jeremy Moss (D) P.O. Box 30014 Lansing 48909 (517) 373-1788 • Oakland County Officials oakland County Courthouse 1200 N. Telegraph Pontiac 48341 County Clerk: Lisa Brown (D) (248) 858-0581 executive: L. Brooks Patterson (R) (248) 858-0484 Prosecutor: Jessica Cooper (D) (248) 858-0656 Sheriff: Michael Bouchard (R) (248) 858-5000 Treasurer: Andy Meisner (D) (248) 858-0611 Water Resources Commissioner: Jim Nash (D) (248) 858-0958 oakland County Commissioners 1200 N. Telegraph Pontiac 48341 (248) 858-0100 • 21 members represent 21 equally populated districts, operating under a “committee system”. Elected to a two-year term and responsible for: • Formulating county policies • Establishing property tax millage rates • Adopting ordinances and rules • Adopting County budget and development plans • Adopting and enforcing rules establishing authority and duties of County departments. Two commissioner covers the Greater Southfield area: Nancy Quarles (D) District 17 – Part of Southfield, Lathrup Village, Oak Park Janet Jackson (D) District 21– Part of Southfield, part of Farmington Hills District Courts 46th District Court Southfield, Lathrup Village, Southfield Twp., Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Franklin 26000 Evergreen Road Southfield 48076 (248) 796-5800 Click on “Highlights” Circuit Court oakland County 6th Circuit Court 1200 N. Telegraph, Pontiac 48341 Information: (248) 858-1000 Friend of the Court: (248) 858-1565 Adult Probation: (248) 858-0300 Juvenile: (248) 858-0112 Division of the State judiciary serving as the trial court for all Oakland County citizens. Hears both civil and criminal cases, as well as ap peals from the District and Probate courts. Has exclusive jurisdiction on certain family matters. Probate Court oakland County Probate Court 1200 N. Telegraph, Pontiac 48341 Information: (248) 858-0260 Probate Court deals with issues related to wills, trusts, estates, guardianship and mental health. Local Government Contacts Log on to the individual city websites for the names and contact information of mayors, supervisors, board members and trustees. Other Contacts Citizen Research Council of Michigan 124 W. Allegan, Ste 620 Lansing 48933 (517) 485-9444 Independent, not-for-profit public policy research organization. Does not lobby for, support or oppose candidates. Provides information on issues concerning voters; has an expansive library of publications. League of Women Voters – oakland Area (248) 594-6602 Provides voters guides, information about special elections including local elections, election results and holds candidate forums. Voter Registration You may register to vote at yourcity or township office or at any Secretary of State office (see “Basics – Drivers License” for locations). Greater Southfield Area 35