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Meds, Creams and Other Aids

Meds, Creams and Other

FORMUMMIESBYMUMMY.COM Meds, Creams and Other Aids For Young Children 1. Panadol (Paracetamol) and Neurofen (Ibuprofen) These are syrups for children when they have a fever. Panadol is used for mild fevers, and Neurofen is used only for high fevers above 38.5 deg Celsius. Do note that Neurofen is not recommended for babies under 6 months old. Panadol is given every 4 hourly, and Neurofen can only be given every 6 hourly. But these two can be used together, at least 2 hours apart, because they are made up of different chemical composition. This is especially helpful when the child is running a very high temperature above 38.5 deg, and the fever doesn't seem to subside even after administering either of the medication. For example: 10am - panadol 12nn - neurofen (temp above 38.5 deg; 2 hours apart from panadol) 2pm - panadol (4 hours from the last panadol dose, and 2 hours apart from neurofen) 6pm - neurofen (if temp is still above 38.5 deg; 6 hours from the last neurofen dose) It is very important to note down the times and type of medication administered so that you don't run a risk of over-dosing your child. Influenza virus tends to bring about fevers higher than 39 deg. The MMRV (mumps, measles, rubella, varicella) vaccination also has a nasty reputation of causing high fevers 5-7 days after the injection. This injection only takes place after the child turns 1, so neurofen can be administered by then. It also means you should plan ahead for the vaccination and not have any trips made within 2 weeks after the MMRV vaccination. Note: Always check the correct dosage of each medication for your child. Dosage instructions that come along with the medications are usually stated according to age, but it's more accurate to calculate the dosage according to your child's weight. Tip: Time the medications and the milk feeds for your baby. Always administer the medication to your baby with an empty stomach, right before the next milk feed. It greatly reduces the chances of the baby gagging and throwing up the medicine. P a g e | 1

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