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Meds, Creams and Other Aids


FORMUMMIESBYMUMMY.COM 2. Syringes Syringes are very useful in administering small doses of medication for the baby. They can be found in pharmacies. Most commonly used ones are the 3ml and 5ml sizes. Tip: Insert the syringe into the corner of baby's mouth so prevent gagging and spitting. 3. Suppositories for Fever Trying to soothe a baby who is unwell can be very heartbreaking. It's even tougher to be the one to administer the medication to the child, and watch her struggle or gag at the taste of the medicine. I've learnt to request for suppositories from my pediatrician because these can be administered even when the baby is asleep. There are paracetamol and ibuprofen equivalent in the form of suppositories, so different type of suppositories can be given for mild fever and high fever. Note: Suppositories need to be kept in the fridge. Tip: Before you insert the suppository, warm it by rubbing it with your fingers or running it under tap water for several seconds. This will smooth out the edges so it's easier to insert the suppository up the baby's butt. It's also easier when the baby is lying on her side with the legs bent. Simply push the suppository in, with the tip pointing towards the baby's belly button. 4. Cold / Hot Pack with Towel Packs are used hot by immersing in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, or can be warmed up in the microwave oven. For use as cold packs, simply place them in the freezer. It's a good idea to just leave the cold pack in the freezer. Trust me, I use it very often. Use the cold packs for cold compress on bruises and swelling when the child falls down. Compress for about 15-20 minutes right after the fall for best results. Continue to cold compress 2-3 times in the day over the next few days for faster recovery of the bruise or swelling. P a g e | 2

FORMUMMIESBYMUMMY.COM Use the cold pack (preferably a large sized one) and place it inside the shirt/romper of your child's back when the child is having a fever. Very useful when it takes time for effects of fever meds to kick in. 5. Fever Patches Fever patches are very easy to use. Simply peel off the back and stick it to your baby's forehead! It will keep the area cool for 4-8 hours, which makes it useful at night when child is asleep, and even in the day when child is active. These are also one of my must-bring items when we travel with the children. 6. Thermometer It's essential to have a trusty thermometer to monitor the child's temperature when he's having a fever, because different medications can be given for varying temperatures. I highly recommend Braun's In-Ear Thermometer. It takes less than 3 seconds to record the temperature reading, and shows the reading with either a green, yellow or red light to indicate normal, fever or high fever. It also allows you to select the age of the child for 0-3 months, 3-36 months, and over 36 months, for a more accurate diagnosis of whether the child is indeed having a fever. You can also choose to see the reading either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 7. Hydrocortisone Cream 1% This is a steroidal cream used for rashes, itch, skin allergies and even insect bites. I've used it on my first child when he was several months old at the recommendation of the pediatrician because he has sensitive skin and rash appeared on his face rather frequently. You can also get the Hydrocortisone Cream directly from the Pharmacist. Do note that the pharmacist would not recommend use for children under 3 because the child's rash condition should be monitored for use of a steroid cream. It's important to only apply a thin layer of the cream on the affected area, once or twice a day, for not more than 2 weeks. The cream may cause discolouration and thin the skin over frequent usage. Note also to avoid the eyes or any open wound. When my baby has very bad diaper rash, I would apply some Hydrocortisone on the affected area, before applying diaper cream. P a g e | 3

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