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Clothing and Textile Hub

Clothing and Textile Hub of Manufacturing Fog-Late March Flood Channel, Mt. Holly 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 102

N Branch Head of Tide Mill Dam Characteristics Recreation Site Scaled Appropriate Buoys (should mark) the presence of Mill Dam, up- stream, intake area. Strong current over or through spillway and trash gates. Mill Dam is approximately 65 feet across. Mill Dam Spillway is 70 feet long and 65 feet wide. It is 100 feet from the face of the Mill Dam to the North Branch shoals. Strong unpredictable currents, presence of submerged hazards and low visibility upstream of dam spillways and trash gates. Turbulent discharges from Mill Dam gates. Mill Dam is 5 gates across w/ 2 debris gates for a total of 7 gates. Cascading spillway discharges, strong unpredictable currents below dam and presence of debris passing over or through dam. Strong upstream currents in surface waters (reverse flow) after water flows though flood gates. Swift, turbulent waters in a plunging flow below spillway gates. Slippery surfaces on shoreline. Submerged scaled accordingly shoals and rapidly rising waters from spillway discharge. Note: Ideal Destination Attribute to practice basic and fundamental white and flat water kayaking. Follow ACA position papers on how to paddle safely. Always paddle w another person. Leave a Float Plan. Wear your PFD. proper and appropriate instruction before kayaking flat or white- water. Know the area you are paddling. Gain

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