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Low Tide, Mt. Holly

Low Tide, Mt. Holly Flood Control Weir Water Control Structure 1942 Scientific Study Blueprint of Mt. Holly Flood Control Weir Flood Channel Constructed 1942 Note: Vertical Posts Note: 2015 Weir Solid to a Sandy Creek Bottom. Concrete shelf Runs north for 20 feet before dropping off precipitously into main N Branch Channel North Channel Original Rancocas Creek N Branch Vertical Post Vertical Post Proximal (North) end of Mt. Holly Flood Channel Photo: AJH Designs, Mt. Holly Approximate area of concrete shelf, slopes downcreek Detail of Mt. Holly Flood Control Weir, Low Tide 30 July 2014 Hydraulic Resistance from Tidal Forces at Weir allows a Reversible Water Flow

Watch for Scale Scientific Study Mt. Holly Flood Bypass Channel and Weir on the N Branch- Oxbow of the Rancocas Creek Meets the Requirements as to allow for registration as a National Historic Site. Note: Grommet One per Section Note: Red Dashed Line Marks Approximate Edge of Concrete Shelf. Shelf continues downslope Not all sections have metal plate

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