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On the N Branch

On the N Branch Downstream Mt. Holly RCNWT Geo-Fact Tide Racing on the N Branch at the Mt. Holly Oxbow and Flood Bypass Channel Weir Last Commercial Vessel 2 Mt. Holly 4 Water-Borne Commerce 1908 * 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 106

Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Eco-Links Scientific Study: Capillary’s of Tidal Ice Formation in the Rancocas Creek Watershed ( Mt. Holly Oxbow-Flood Bypass Channel- Delaware River Maritime Crossroads) Comparison and Contrast Phases of Tidal Creek Ice Build-Up w/ Associated Impacts to Local Eco-Systems and Migratory Fish Species Fresh and Salt Water - Range of Salinity - Habitats RCNWT Geo-Fact North Branch - Scientific Study r/o Embryotic Pancake Ice Formation Tidal-Fresh Water/Mill Dam Pool

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