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N Branch Historic

N Branch Historic Timbuctoo 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 116

Even the stars marked the distress and fears of those at Timbuctoo * Harriet Tubman, Underground Railroad Conductor sang of the Little Dipper in the spiritual folk- song “Follow the Drinking Gourd”. Sung around by slaves, hymnals were used to get the word out and about. “Follow the Drinking Gourd” ** hymn refers to: When the first quail drinking gourd... call, follow the Escape in the Spring looking at the night sky for direction. Leading the way the star formation, the Little Dipper which points to P olaris, the Pole Star, North and Freedom ** RCNWT Geo-Fact * Timbuctoo was settled on the N Branch, Rancocas Creek by Fugitive Slaves in1825 ** h ttp://www.followthedrinkinggourd.or g (reference on “Follow the Drinking Gourd” song) Prepared for the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail, nomination When the first quail drinking gourd... call, follow the E scaping slaves used the N orth Star as a guide to follow North on the Underground Railroad. In a kind of general way. i e: If you go far enough, you come to one of the free states, or to Canada.

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