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Contents - One Step Ahead - Points of Interest Along the Rancocas Creek • Overview of Atlas • Mission Statement • Part One: Planning and Policy Process • Part Two: Points of Interest • Geographic Synopsis of the Rancocas CreekRancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination Poster • General Overview of RCNWT • RCNWT It’s a Wonderful Multi- Use Water Trail • RCNWT Regional Location • P lanning Cycle – Heritage as Opportunity Multi-Site Data Base • Coalitions Ripple Flow Chart • N Branch Headwater Area • Early Settler' s • Cretaceous Period • Browns Mills • Camp Dix (JDP MDL) • Rancocas Creek N Branch • Mirror Lake - Browns Mills - Pemberton • Flora and Fauna • Headwater Area SW Branch Rancocas Creek • Burlington County Parks Canoe Trail • Industrialization of the Creek - Smithville • West New Jersey Rail Lines • Camping Areas • South Branch • M edford Canoe Trail – Kirby's M ill – Dr. of the Pines • Lumberton to Hainesport County Park Landing • Hainesport to the Confluence • Wishbone Paddle Trail Segment • Mt. Holly’s Oxbow and Flood Bypass Channel • Hugh Campbell - Artist • M unicipal Access Plan – DVRPC • M ill Dam – Head of Tide • North n South Branch Tidal • King Street Flood Bypass Channel Weir • Mt. Holly to the Confluence • Fishing / Hunting / Wildlife • Timbuctoo • Rancocas State Park Natural Area • Rancocas Nature Center • Long Bridge County Park • Coalitions are Like Ecosystems • Rancocas and other State Parks • Hunting Safety • Confluence • Texas Phosphorous Plant • C enterton Bridge – Main Stem Multi-Use Playground • Rancocas Creek Benthic Organisms • Main Stem Rancocas Creek • Multi-Use Creek Activities and Marinas • Main Stem Parks, Protected Parklands • Willingboro and Mill Creek • Amico Island Burlington County Park • Delaware River Ports and Harbors • Rancocas Creek Agriculture • Pirates and Admiralty of the Rancocas Creek • Multi-Use Recreation Opportunities • Food-Dining-Refreshments • P rohibition – Gun Smuggling Along the Creek • Underground Railroad • Kayaking Safety • Application of Kuhn- Tucker Model to Demand Water Trail Trips (Random Utility Model) NC Model • Extent of Tidal Influences • Other • Credits • Scientific Studies • Indians • Mt. Misery Headwater Area • Von Ewald Map of Rancocas Valley (1776) • Oxbow • Burlington County Greenway and Municipal Pocket Parks • Maritime and Port Connections • References (public domain) • Fat Cat Paddling Bye • Rancocas Creek Mill Economies Cover Photo: Rancocas Creek, N. Branch Rancocas State Park - Westampton, NJ • Bridgeboro Bridge photo ref: winter diving duck - internet photo grab neuvision 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination w/ special thanks on content to pw schopp 12

a ppreciates an enlightened use Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Atlas ( with applicable credit) of the existing ‘Rancocas Creek Greenway' resources in a p ractical way that broad range of enthusiastic parties and numerous activities highlighting diverse participatory benefits from coordination, leadership. Destination attributes from the headwaters to the Delaware River showcase community heritage, natural history , recreation opportunities and cultural resources along the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail. identifies a pub lic advocacy and multi- use

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