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Willingboro Mill

Willingboro Mill Creek Thomas Ollive 23.7-square- kilometer Mill Creek basin first toll bridge across the mill dam (1692) William Franklin Dunks Ferry 1748-1793 Ferry Across Rancocas Creek Camden Amboy Railroad Levittown Mill Creek Park Civic Activism Willingboro Lakes F ishing” shad – river Motor Boats 1936 WPA maps River Steamer John Warner Adams Wharf Irish Wharf Borton Landing herring (stocked waters ?) Transported wounded Union soldiers to Willingboro hospital Effects of storm runoff on water quality in the Mill Creek drainage basin, Willingboro, New Jersey Water-Resources Investigations Report 80-98 Willingboro, since 1688, an original township of Burlington County and the State of NJ 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 136

Preserved Farm Land and County Park Common Merganser Rancocas Creek Farm Grove-Rancocas Creek Ref: riverton hx society Access at Light Rail R ancocas Creek – Downstream - Delran Below Centerton Bridge the Rancocas Creek Opens into an expansive, shallow tidal multi- use waterway. B ridgeboro Bridge (1793 – First One) Willingboro Tidal flats ref: Early 1900’s - BC Times/WJ History Project Off Pennington Park Burlington County Park 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 137

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