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Part One: Planning

Part One: Planning Process, Public Policy Concerns for Best Management Practices (BMP’s); Community Support and Citizen Interest Mill Race - Mt. Holly Oxbow High Tide - N Branch Prepared 4 the RCNWT Nomination

It’s a Wonderful Route - Charting Practical Pathways to Synergize Actions that support the Nomination Application for the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail. The National Park Service, National Water Trail program recognizes the quality of life for residents and visitors, alike. water trails as an important element in improving The Rancocas Creek National Water Trail nomination was created to capitalize on the multi- use recreation opportunities presented by the Rancocas Creek’s varied, diverse parklands and the variety of uses along the Burlington County Parks Greenway. Over the course of this water trail visitors of all ages and demographics encounter historic, recreational and scenic attractions in urban, suburban, rural, semi- wild and pristine fresh water and tidal settings. The water trail for the Rancocas Creek, the main tributary between the Delaware Capes and Trenton , traverses the center of Burlington County mostly along the 40 degree parallel and serves as a “spine” that enhances and elevates a network of state, county and municipal landings, communities and destination attributes that stretch across the Rancocas Creek 360 square mile watershed. The Rancocas Creek National Water Trail offers both breath- taking, unique scenery w/ connections to the heritage and historic characteristics of Burlington County. The National Water Trail encourages residents and visitors to discover these wonderful opportunities. Paddlers along the water trail can choose to paddle segments of the water trail (such as in the Mt. Holly Oxbow and N Branch Channel) or travel other lengths over several days and many hours. Rancocas Creek The Rancocas Creek Water Trail Atlas has been compiled to introduce the reader to rediscover the Rancocas and also as an allowable adjunct to the formal NWT application. Some water trail segments may not be passable at different t imes of the year. Some sites and trail segments are visited multiple times of a seasonal time horizon. This Atlas of D estination Attributes is updated and revised on a frequent basis reflective of the natural vibrancy of the Rancocas Creek. “Let Us Begin this Tour of the Rancocas Creek, as both Shores will be under our eyes at once” 1893 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 15

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