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Nominated as a National Water Trail, New Jersey’s Rancocas Creek runs mostly along the 40t h parallel North, midway between the rigorous climates of the North and the mild climates of the South. The Rancocas Creek is located on the Delaware River, upstream from Philadelphia. The Rancocas Creek is formed by the joining of the North and the South Branch which drains a watershed of 360 square miles across 34 municipalities, located in 2 Counties and flows deep-r ooted within two of NJ’s Congressional Districts. Double hulled shallow drafting sailing hoys ride the tide ? Flows west? Texas, NJ ? Rum- runners busted ? Paleo- I ndian sites? 1890s gun runners to Cuba traverse the Rancocas? Tide mills? Pirates? Revolutionary War battles? Mill economies? Phossy- jaw? J ogging? hiking? Relaxation? Paddle sports? War of 1812 armed shallop blockade ? Escape route of the Underground Railroad? Tidal and Non-Tidal Fishing? Old wharves, piers, stone bulkheads? Colonies of maidenhair spleenworts? Turning basins? Semi-wild, incision though long- established Municipal, County and State Parks ? An Oxbow? a Mill Race all a bubbling fast? Dining ? Lunch ? Summer-time ice-cream ? Drink-a-T oast swigged ? Twinned head of navigation? 375 years of continuous maritime commerce? Timbuctoo ? State Park Natural Area ? County Parkland and Greenway ? Mosasaur's ? Sand mines ? New Jersey.... yes, South Jerseys Rancocas Creek. Up on the Delaware River, up on northern end of Creek is marked by a buoy. the Torresdale Range, where the Mud Island Range runs further North towards Tr enton and below Burlington sits the entrance of the Rancocas The North Branch headwaters arise inside the 42,000-contiguous acres of the Joint Base Fort Dix-Maguire-Lakehurst. Down her sinuous channels creek- front communities nest among the Pines B arrens. The Rancocas Creek is a capillary to Americas, South Jersey and the Delaware Valley history. H er fabric weaves from the NJ Pinelands National Preserve, westerly, on 4 different t ributaries, on swiftly flowing, cool c edar waters until reaching the Delaware River's tidal influence at Mt. Holly (N Branch) and Lumberton (S Branch). The Rancocas Creek flows directly through the historic Burlington County Seat of Mt. Holly. From here the N Branch is enhanced with downstream tidal flows. Semi-w ild the N Branch pass the former hamlet of Timbuctoo, through pristine State and County Parkland and remains of NJs maritime and thus to the Confluence or as known historically as “The For ks”. Through Lumberton does the S Branch flow. Past her former mill and a creek-f ront no longer active in local agriculture commerce . Stay w/ care as before man a critter that swam creek waters w as the feared Mosasaurs. Looking for shoes? On the S Branch the old Lumberton shoe factory would have been your creek- f ront l anding at the head of tide. Daily steam and sailing ships embarked to the Port of Philadelphia, skipping through laden sailing shallops and down through Hainesport and her ties to furn aces, rail, sand mines and commercial navigation. The S Branch skirts the slopes of the Mt. Laurel Questa joining the N Branch deep inside the Rancocas State Park at “The Forks”. N Branch Passing under the Turnpike, the Rt. 295 and the Rt. 130 Bridges the Rancocas flows into a main Delaware River on the main channel are intriguing elements of man’s maritime use of the Rancocas. channel at Amico Island Park. The main stem embraces multi- use recreation. Here Water safety along the Rancocas Creek enhances awareness of the risks present when on the Rancocas. The water trail promotes w ays to reduce the risks of using the Rancocas Creek for gain. The goal is fun, safe, enjoyable access to a natural resource for multi- use outdoor recreation, commerce and leisure. Phossy Jaw ? Texas, Rancocas Creek 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 32

Destination Attributes and Points of Interest for Water Trails 1. Seasonal and Year Round Multi- Site Recreation; 2 . Relaxation; 3 . Value for money spent; 4 . Safe place to visit; 5 . Change of scenery; 6 . Scenic locations; 7 . Local getaway; 8 . Short length of getaway; 9 . Friendly, local residents; N. Branch Rancocas Creek, Mt. Holly, New Jersey 10. Unexpected adventures. Ref: NJDEP, Economic Benefits of Blueways, 2012 N. Branch, Mt. Holly 4 /12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nominatio n 33

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