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Database Used to

Database Used to identify and categorize Points of Interest on the Rancocas Creek Burlington County Parks Hainesport Boat-Launch 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 34

Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination Elevate, Rancocas adjust and enhance Creek the community, National archeological Water and historical Trail record. “ Hank” Herron Paddle on Down Rancocas Creek - A Privilege of Water 375 Years of Commercial Navigation, Multi- Use, Recreation, Notable History, Community and America’s Heritage. Rancocas Creek 1904: S Branch, Hainesport PW Schopp Collection N Branch, Long Bridge County Park S Branch, Vincentown Westward Flowing; Pine Barren National Preserve Headwaters; Mt. Holly Historic O xbow – Lumberton’s Landing w/ Hainesport’s Tidal Reach; Flanked by State, Burlington County Park County and Municipal Parks; Joins the Delaware River at A mico Island. Amico Island, Delaware River Monroe Street Park, Mt. Holly Flood Control Bypass Channel N Branch Multi- use recreation opportunities and exploration featuring kayaking, fishing, hiking, and the viewing wildlife abound on the Rancocas Creek, a vitally important and historically prominent tidal and non- tidal waterway of South Jersey and the Delaware Valley. Rancocas State Park N Branch Prepared 4 the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail nomination by Rancocas Pathways, Inc. 2015 Confluence Exit 5 NJ Turnpike N Branch Timbuctoo

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